In Just a Few More Hours

I got emotional tonight while doing some final packing. Planning for the actual drive to Oregon has been a distraction from facing the final conclusion of the trip–saying goodbye to my daughter in an airport 3,000 miles away and boarding a plane that will take me in the opposite direction. It finally hit me that this is the last concentrated time with Dani before her life as an adult begins. We are on the cusp where that mother/daughter relationship makes the transition into a friendship as grown women living our own lives. It’s a natural part of life, I know, but it doesn’t make me miss my sweet little girl any less.


While I was stuffing my suitcase with items I probably won’t wear, the memories of her growing years played out in my mind. Her first steps, first day of kindergarten, her first Girl Scout award, the student-of-the-month celebrations, her baptism, her high school graduation–I can go on and on. They are all good memories, for sure. She has enriched my life and taught me lessons in ways only a mother can understand.

Dani, my husband, and stepdaughters are my greatest blessings and gifts from God. My life is abundantly blessed with the things that matter most–love and family. So why is this causing such an emotional hiccup for me? I know, I know. Buck up, Buttercup. It’s not the first time there have been tears behind a brave smile and it won’t be the last. But, while I’m alone in my bedroom, I’m going to take the luxury of letting the waterworks fall–it will be healthy, cleansing, and liberating. Tonight, tomorrow, the next day, and the next…

are you ok


  1. Dawn,
    I feel your heartache. First, it was Chandi and St. Louis, then Australia, and now (thankfully) Bellefontaine. And of course Holden….the Marines….I was heartsick for months and months. Thank God for Larry. I think I drove him crazy! This emotional rollercoaster will stop eventually. Once you see her thriving and loving this internship (which sounds amazing).

    Knowing Dani for such a short time, I am convinced she will succeed. She has her momma’s voice inside her head (I’m sure of it)! She also has your courage and strength….has to, to move so far away! But I believe in both of you….you Dawn, that time will lessen your fears…and for Dani, that she is most successful and stays as sweet as her momma!

    Love you!

  2. I will enjoy reading about you and Dani’s trip . Take care sis and spend as much time with her as you can 🙂

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