Florida to Oregon – Final Thoughts and Lessons Learned

My daughter, Dani, and I had an amazing road trip from Florida to Oregon. What amazing sights there are in this beautiful country. It’s safe to say we both enjoyed our journey, although I’ve learned that Oregon wasn’t our destination. Okay, it was our temporary destination, but it is not our final destination. Saying goodbye wasn’t forever, even if it felt like it. We are mother and daughter and our hearts are always going to be linked somehow, someway, and somewhere. We are a part of each other and there’s no mileage distance that will ever change that. 750

I’ve learned a lot on this trip. I’ve learned that we are two strong women who can manage a cross-country trip on our own–each one of us could have done that solo with confidence. We are a lot alike–right down to stubbornness and independence. While that is probably what aggravates us most about the other, it is also one of the things I love most about my daughter. She’s strong and she will go after what she truly wants with a non-stop vengeance, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. I’ve learned to be supportive instead of nagging–well, at least I’m trying.


Most of all, I’ve learned that God loves me very much. If He didn’t, there’s no way He would have entrusted me to this beautiful human being that I’ve had the privilege of seeing grow into a competent young woman. Now, I get the privilege of watching her fly and become the adult she is meant to be. No matter where her path takes her, as an aquarist, a zookeeper, or even someday a wife and mother, she will do it beautifully and gracefully–because that is who she is. I get to share that with her, not only as her mother, but as her friend.

Yes, another exciting chapter is beginning, and I can’t wait to see where it will take us.

I love you, Dani, and I thank you for sharing this time with me. I will remember it always.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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