Hiatus Over – A Refresher on Who I Am and What I’m Doing Here

Why do we want our words, thoughts, opinions, and experiences to be read by others? It might be the human need for recognition, or the desire for attention, or even the yearning to simply be heard. In my case, it’s the place of freedom to say what I feel, want, desire, and dream without interruption or distractions. Being a socially awkward and shy person, this is a way of expressing myself, sharing experiences, and, sometimes, just validating myself to myself. I’m not sure if that’s interesting to other readers, and–at the risk of sounding flippant and a tad offensive–it really doesn’t matter. What I share is important to the people I love, and that’s what I think life is all about–the people who matter. Family. Friends. Myself. People who love me. People who have similar interests, hobbies, and sense of humor–and a sense of humor is a requirement.

I originally started my blog at the beginning of last year to document a road trip from Florida to Oregon that I took with my college-age daughter.  My prior posts were all about that beautiful, wonderful trip, and I love going back and re-reading them and cherishing the memories. I’m not really sure they reflect who I am overall, though.  That is something that keeps evolving, as life changes from one day to the next. I’m a woman of many adjectives–a wife, mother, daughter, Christian, sinner, avid RVer, traveler, couch potato, rheumatoid arthritis warrior, crafty, quirky, silly, emotional, and survivor. I’m all those things and more.

What I’m doing here is probably more complex. I don’t crave a large audience, although I think it would be the king shiznit if I had at least a small one. This is therapy for me. It’s my time. A place to organize all the random thoughts that swirl around in a twisted vortex in my brain. A place where I can make sense of this crazy life. If I can pay forward a word of wisdom or share an experience that helps someone, well, that would be the king shiznit, too.

Note: This is a WordPress Blogging101 assignment.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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