Rest In Peace, Harper Lee

Rest in peace, Harper. Thank you for giving us Scout, Calpurnia, Atticus, Jem, and Boo Radley and the lessons they taught us. I’m so thankful you gave voice to the wonderful characters in your head.

As writers, we need to give our characters a voice before we let our reluctance, procrastination, and self-doubt silence them forever.

Here’s to giving sweet liberty to the deepest recesses of our own minds.  Who, or what, will you be letting free in your next piece?




  1. I have no idea, but it is a question to follow up :-). Haven’t read anything from Harper Lee so far and right now am tackling Jane Austen so, unfortunately, she has to wait a little :-). I am taking part in Blogging from A-Z but might not be online in April. We are moving. So, I’m scheduling my posts and visit the five blogs after me beforehand. You are one of them :-). I hope the Blogging A-Z team won’t chuck me out. Oh, my blog is here

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m scheduling a couple of posts for April, too, as we will be busy a couple of those weekends. Nothing as stressful as moving, though. I’m headed over to your blog now. Hope the move goes smoothly! P.S. Jane Austen is pretty amazing, but I think you’ll like Harper Lee, too–much different, though.

      1. Thanks for your kind words. The purchase isn’t go e through yet so we still sit and wait. I’m still not really into Jane Austen but have a feeling I fare much better with Harper Lee

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