Big, Beautiful, Bodacious Bullmastiff


Lexie is THE dog.  All 110 pounds of her—from her humongous paws to her wrinkly droopy dog lips, she is absolutely nothing but pure loyal, unconditional, and unfailing love.

We adopted Lexie through the American Bullmastiff Association’s rescue service when she was 11 months old.   My husband and I knocked on the fostering family’s door, which opened to two huge bullmastiffs playing on the floor with two giggling and happy toddlers loving and climbing on them.  One majestic-looking dog undoubtedly stood out–Lexie’s wildly wagging tail was a paradox to the sad, morose face when she stood to see who was at the door.  The moment I looked into those beautiful brown eyes, she had my heart.  She ran to my husband when he called her and the happy tail wag continued when she leaned against me while he patted her side.  There was an immediate bond.

Since coming into our household, Lexie has become a member of our family.  She has her spot on the couch, but she usually tries to invade our space to snuggle.  She follows us throughout the house, leaves her Kong toys on the floor for us to trip over, and snores louder than my husband when taking a nap.  She’s juicy and slobbery after she drinks her water and the slime usually ends up on the walls, the furniture, and our pants, but the constant cleaning is a labor of love.   She’s a warm, firm pillow on which the kids often fall asleep.  She’s the intimidating shadow that helps answer the door, silently telling the person on the other side that she’s here to protect us.  She’s the dog that travels with us while camping, taking long trips, and hanging out in the backyard.   She greets us in the morning with a loving snort and watches over us while we sleep.  She’s one of us.  She’s our 110-pound toddler.

If I concentrate on looking cute and pitiful, she’ll give me a piece of that hamburger. I just know it.
I love watching the sunset, too, Mom and Dad, but it sure is hot.
Nothing like snuggle time with Mom. I think she really likes this.

We thought we were doing a heroic act when we rescued Lexie because we were giving her a home, food to eat, and a family to love.   But, now, when she has me squeezed against the side of the couch with half her body and huge warm head in my lap and her snores are loud enough to drown out the television, I realize that Lexi rescued us.  She rescued us from never having the experience of being loved with such perfect loyal, unconditional, and unfailing love.

If you haven’t adopted an animal from a local shelter or rescue service before, RUN–don’t walk–to your nearest shelter.  There is a sweet, loving, and loyal stray pet eagerly waiting to rescue you.


      1. Its a lady in west va that was supposed to call but never did. If anyone know where i can get one call me at 14342290249. Thank you.

  1. I love this!!!! We have a Great Dane – who is the biggest, silliest, scaredy cat. Gotta love those big dogs, they are just like children!!!!! Bodacious – what a great word!!!!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about adopting a rescue animal. They change your life. There isn’t a day that goes by when mine doesn’t make me laugh out loud. <3

  3. Is Lexie a lap puppy? Or thinks she’s small/light enough to sit on your lap? She’s a beautiful big girl who needs her own fluffy sofa chair!
    Sir Leprechaunrabbit

  4. What a lovely post and I totally agree with you – there is nothing better than being rescued by a rescue dog! She is absolutely gorgeous x

  5. Your baby is adorable. My three Rottweiler boys also like to snuggle on top of mommy and do those soulful eyes that beg for part of my meal (even though they just ate and I’m vegetarian…). There’s nothing as amazing like being loved by these giant dogs 🙂

  6. What a lovely dog. We saw what must be a Bull Mastiff at the Royal Sydney Easter Show and I’ve posted her photos here:
    We were very lucky that they were judging Best in Show that day and we saw such a range of beautiful dogs.
    WE have had 3 older dogs we’ve adopted. 2 from the pound and our younger dog, Lady, was adopted when her former owner was moving. All went well except the Old English Sheepdog. That didn’t go so well.
    I am really enjoying the challenge but the Letters to dead poets is a huge undertaking but I’m learning so much!
    xx Rowena

    1. I love your posts on the dead poets, as I’m sure others are also. Hang in there! That is, indeed, a mastiff of some sort either a bullmatiff or an English mastiff. They are all quite lovable creatures, but I’m partial. I just love dogs in general (and kitty cats, and bunnies, and horses–well, all animals).

  7. Love this post! We have a very yappy Pomeranian who barks if someone farts two doors down! LOL She barks at the vacuum cleaner of course and growls at rocks and a spare tire sitting in my living room. Magic will be 5 in July and still acts like a two year old child, You have to keep an eye on her or she gets into anythng and everything She, too, is a snuggler and we love her to death! Everyone needs a fur baby!

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