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My great-grandmother had a mantra that she followed unwaveringly, “It is in poor taste to express an opinion about politics or religion unless asked.”  However, Great-Grammy didn’t live in the age of social media where we all have a personal soapbox with the preconceived notion that everyone else wants to hear what we have to say.  Great Gram would be appalled at the behavior, language, and rudeness that is considered the norm nowadays.  Things have changed over the years, and subjects open to debate are a lot more acceptable than back in the day.  I personally like my friends much better when I don’t know their political proclivities.  In turn, I tend to keep my political opinions to myself unless it’s an open-minded and civil conversation that does not degrade to name-calling or demeaning attitudes.  As far as religion, I’m happy to discuss it when it’s brought up, but I prefer to spend more time trying to live it (note, the key word is trying because I often fall short).

I’m more of the let’s-discuss-life kind of person.  On that subject, I have a few opinions/observations that I’ll share with you:

Success has absolutely nothing to do with salary and material belongings and everything to do with how much love we have in our lives.IMG_7009

There is absolutely nothing my child can do that would make me stop loving her, stop talking to her, or going out of my way to see her.

IMG_7010Vanity, self-centeredness, and superficiality might be of benefit when a person is young, but it is a firm foundation for loneliness, dissatisfaction, and a hollow heart when old.


Sometimes we make sacrifices for others, put ourselves last, and delay our wants until the future.  It’s usually either out of love for somebody else or simply because we are grownups.IMG_7013We can’t control the actions of another, but we can point out they are heading toward a brick wall. They may hit the wall running at full force anyway.  Saying, “I told you so,” accomplishes nothing. Being there to provide a bandage for their hard, bleeding head goes a long way in making the wall a valuable life lesson.


Those are only some of the hard-knock life lessons I’ve learned.  I’m open to other words of wisdom and life lesson advice, because I certainly don’t have a corner on the market and I still have a lot to learn.

I am curious, though, what do you think of my Great-Grammy’s philosophy about freely giving unsolicited opinions on religion and politics?


  1. I’m sure my grandmother would have agreed with you (the only one I knew died when I was 12), and my parents have the same idea. So of course I went and got degrees in both politics AND religion – now I can talk about them whenever. “what did you study in school?” “politics and religion” *person slowly backs away* haha

      1. Lol its the second most common responce, right after “didnt anyone ever tell you not to mix politics and religion?!” Lol and yes a lot of hard work! But i did it as a double major so technically only one degree… but still 2 haha

  2. I think your great-grandmother was a wise woman. I have my opinions on religion and politics (like most of us no doubt) but neither are subjects that I would offer unsolicited commentary on. I also choose not to engage in discussion on either subject on social media. That might make me a little old fashioned 🙂

  3. When Tara Sparling asked on her blog last week about how and why people comment on social media, I was surprised at how many people would comment for the sole reason to offer a different opinion and thus start an argument. I agree with your Great-Grammy’s philosophy – I stay away from the virtual bar-fights surrounding politics and religion.
    Great post with lovely opinions-turned-quotes 🙂

  4. Lovely wisdoms, thanks for sharing. I’m also a bit wary of sharing political and religious views and will do so only in very select company where I know everyone will stay rational (a tough one on those subjects) and civil. It’s not worth an argument.Very few things are in my opinion 😉

  5. I’m with your Gran on this one. I love talking politics, but unless I know the other person can have an open-minded exchange without getting belligerent, I won’t raise the issue. But when I find someone who loves a healthy, respectful debate, even when we’re on opposite ends of the political spectrum, I’m all in. After all, how better to open our minds than listen to views that don’t match our own?

    Love your inspirational quote choices.

    1. I like debating on politics, too, when it doesn’t disintegrate into senseless arguments. My husband and I do not always agree, and I love it when we bring up points that changes the mind of the other–doesn’t happen often, though. There are just some people too volatile to discuss issues, so it’s easier for me to follow Gram’s advice more often than not. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Excellent post!!! I agree with your Granny – and also the opinions you’ve expressed here. (Great ‘O’ word by the way!) I, too, don’t post about my political or religious beliefs or views. I’ve seen more friends get into such heated debates about something that neither one is going to change their mind on. LOVE THIS!!

  7. I try never to discuss politics. Religion sometimes, but only if someone else starts the discussion. I love your little quotes, especially “We can be victors or victims, the choice is ours.” How about, “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

  8. Great post, great graphics. I think it’s still perfectly possible to be a lady in these complicated times. A class act is a class act, no matter what the time period or the culture. It’s sad to see so many teens and 20somethings mistaking trashy behavior for boldness and independence. Sure, there’s that “wild oats” phase, but the way people photograph everything then put it on the Internet is just mind-boggling.

    1. I agree with behavior nowadays. I can only imaging my grandparent’s reaction to some of the things that go on. I’m fairly open-minded, but some things I see on social media embarrass me. Thanks for reading!

  9. I have to say I’m with Great Grammy, I wouldn’t discuss religion and politics if I could avoid it. But I do find it interesting that those are the two subjects that really rile people. I wonder why so many of us can’t have a civil conversation about them without feeling that we’re being attacked if someone has a different view?

  10. I would agree with your great-grandmother. Social media is especially open to people sharing their unsolicited opinions on these topics and while there are the occasional few whose posts I enjoy because of their interest in honest, open debate and a willingness to truly listen to the other person even if they disagree, far too many just come out of the gate angry. Enjoyed your other life observations in this post too.

  11. Awesome post!!! I agree with Gram on religion and politics. My best friend of 40+ years asked me two years ago during our provincial elections why I did not want to separate from the rest of Canada. All my friends are separatists and are French speaking but I am English but also speak French (my mom). I told her the reason our friendship lasted so long was that we did not talk politics. Religion and politics do not go well with friends or the workplace but there has to be some neutrality and a line to ensure mutual respect.

    1. I think mutual respect is very important, especially to truly listen to the other side instead of making personal judgements about a person because of their viewpoint. Since the U.S. is in the process of electing presidential candidates currently, there are all sorts of hateful insults being thrown about. I just think Gram had a wise outlook. Thank you for reading!

  12. I agree with your great grandmother… my grandma was fond of saying politics and religion should not be discussed in polite company. That is the way I prefer to live my life as well. Those two topics are usually fraught with strong opinions on both sides and the chance of an argument is almost guaranteed. Since I don’t like conflict I prefer to keep my opinions about those subjects to myself.

    1. I feel the same. I do not like conflict, either, so I try to steer away from those hot topics. I’ve been reading some of your posts and think we have a lot common. Do you mind sharing your YouTube channel name? My husband and I are just starting one, but I would like to take a look at yours if you feel comfortable sharing. Thank you so much for reading!

      1. Thanks, I agree, I think we have a lot in common too.=) My YouTube channel is my name Susan Millard or you can search for redcrazylady which is what I called it when I started it eight years ago. Thanks for wanting to check that out and for reading my posts. =)

  13. If they are online and written down I don’t mind because I can skip them if I do not like them. However, it is a bit different and more difficult when it comes to conversations. If I speak with open minded people fair enough. The other’s….. you better keep out of my way 😉

  14. Your great- grandmother was a very wise woman! Religion and politics have always been the argument starters! Those are two subjects in which everyone has their opinions,which are pretty much set in stone. You make a good point in that the world is a different palce than the world our grandparents knew. Socal media is both good and bad in that it has opened up a venue where people can talk with a much greater audience than ever before possible, It is good because discussion, on any topic is much better when you can share ideas, learn from one another and have discussions that you may not have ever had the opportunity to have outside of social media. The bad comes in when differences of opinion sparks conflict and in this day and age I see a lot of what I have heard referred to “keyboard courge” in which people will use social media to bash people and their opinions in a manner they would never use in person. I have seen this first-hand and not only when it comes to religion and politics, though those are most prevalent,

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