V-A-M-P – Vamp!

When I was around the tender age of nine, the Sonny and Cher show aired.   It was the early 1970s, and my parents thought the show was too risque for me to watch.  I would lay in my bed, straining to hear the music and smiling as my parents laughed at the jokes.  A couple of times, I got brave and crept out of bed and snuck down the stairs to watch the TV from the bottom of the stairway.

Sonny and Cher did a skit called, “Vamp.”  While Sonny plinked away at the keys, Cher wiggled around on top of the piano and sang.   I used to love the skit, even though I didn’t quite understand the humor.

During one episode, the first few bars of the song started playing and Cher started dancing.  My dad said, “Damn.  Her boob is going to fall out.”   That tickled me for some reason.  My giggle escaped before I could cover my mouth.  I heard my dad get off the couch, and I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, not even caring how much noise I was making.

I was busted big time.  So was my butt.

Cher has gone on to accomplish many things in the world of  music and acting, but every time I see her, I can still hear the incredulity in my dad’s voice, “Damn!  Her boob is going to fall out.”  It still makes me giggle.   I recently searched the V-A-M-P skits on YouTube.  They aren’t particularly funny some 40 years later, but I’ll share some nostalgia with you.  Enjoy.



  1. I remember the show very well. I loved Cher!! She was a strong, audacious woman at a time when young girls like me were looking for the untypical female role model 🙂

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