Attacking The Tiny Details Before We Hit The Road

Our new home


It has been a busy few months.  I’m getting ready to retire in December.  In January, we are leaving our 2400 square-foot home to move into an RV and travel the United States.  To say I’m a tiny bit apprehensive would be an understatement.  On the other hand, I’m enormously excited.  So many emotions and so little time to process them.


We have spent weeks and weeks of getting rid of our household things through a series of garage sales, Craig’s List, and Facebook sale/trade/swap groups.  There have also been the scheduled donation pick-ups and offering free things to our family and friends, but we still have so much left.

img_7003As the move-out/move-in goal draws near, I’m finding that getting rid of the old life in preparation for the new is exciting, bold, adventurous, scary—and tedious.  The only thing standing between me and the finish line are a thousand tiny details.  They will all get done.  Every single one of them.  Soon those tiny details will be a distant memory when we experience that first ribbon of highway through the huge RV window.

There are only a few short weeks left, so it’s crunch time.  Chop! Chop!

Our view from the RV window


  1. Good luck! We would love to travel the roads when we both can retire but we would not give up our home, we’d rent it out or let the kids use it. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    1. We are very excited–and we are still pretty young (early 50s–at least I think that’s young LOL). My husband can take his job on the road, and I’m hoping to do the same in some form. It has been a dream of ours for a long time, and we decided to go for it while we are young enough to enjoy it. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  2. Best wishes on getting all those details wrestled under control!! It sounds like you have a great adventure ahead of you … and doing it while still young (yes, I think early 50s is young!!) is a great idea 🙂

  3. That’s really a huge step to be making..
    But I do think it will be a most exciting and adventurous journey…

    It will definitely be a dream to travel USA.. so many wonderful and interesting places to see..
    Oooooh Maaan..
    I’m getting so excited 😆.. and I’m not even the one ☝️ going ..

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