Hello RV, Goodbye House


It’s go time.  We left our sticks and bricks for the very last time.  We’ve made daily productive trips from the RV to the house, but didn’t feel that we were making progress—until today.  We grabbed the last few boxes and closed the front door for the last time.

This wonderful adventure we are about to begin is looming in front of us and it’s so exciting.  The anticipation of hitting the road is high and we are mentally ready to go, but we’ve been physically bound to our belongings—until today.

On that last walk through the empty house, my mind drifted back to memories in each room.  The view of the lake with ethereal sunrises every morning.  The dining room where our blended family had our first meal together and the place where we enjoyed Mike’s fabulous cooking.  The kitchen where father and daughter made Grandpa Gondeck’s polish sausage.  The living room where the girls laughed and boogied to Just Dance on the Wii and built a fort made from the dining room chairs and old blankets.  The master bedroom where my husband and I have slept over the last few years, where we’ve had our deepest discussions, quiet disagreements, and intimate moments.  The girls’ bedrooms where they sang to the tops of their lungs amidst roiling giggles, played the keyboard by ear to the most popular tunes, and wrote their favorite song lyrics on the huge chalkboard wall.

As I headed through the great room toward the front door, I heard the echoes of memories throughout the time in our home.  Laughter, tears, teasing, guests that have come and gone—and I felt the love held within those walls.

I did choke up, but quickly worked through the lump in my throat.  It’s just a house—we were what made it a home. Those memories are in our hearts, not in actual brick and mortar.  We are going to make the RV our home, make many more memories, and have the anticipation of where the road may take us.  It’s a journey, and one we can’t wait to begin.

“It’s just a house—we were what made it a home.”

As for the house, the next family will make it their home.  It’s sturdy and hardy, and has room for an abundance of more love and precious memories.

As for us, tomorrow we will be on the road—in our home on wheels.  Adventure, here we come.



  1. Wow! Must be nice to retire at your age and travel the world!! Where’s your first stop?! If you come to South Florida, I’ll expect a phone call! Will look forward to reading your blog. Rick and I were hoping to see some National Parks in the US.

    1. You know I’ll call you if we are in South Florida! Thirty years was way too long at that place, I’ll find something else to do while traveling. Our first six months include stops in Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri to visit family, then back to Jacksonville for a month or so, then uncertain–maybe Michigan and Ohio, to again visit family–we are still working that out. You know I’ll call you!

  2. I am so happy for you guys!! I’m looking forward to reading about your new adventures and memories!! I love you to the moon and beyond!

  3. You’ll have so much fun!! Such adventure. I say that, while still sitting in this house of 21 years… I think that as excited as I am to hit the road some day, there will be tears. I’ve enjoyed remodeling in the last year or two… or well, the results. Good luck, I hope we’ll cross paths one day on the road!! Sarah @tinylivingresource.com

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