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Samsbbq_004Are you looking for a place with tremendous barbecue and a soulful experience?  Sam’s Bar-B-Que at 2000 East Twelfth Street in Austin, Texas, will fit the bill with a whole lot of extra tender loving care.  We met local family members to experience Sam’s unique style of smoked meats and delicious sides.

Sam’s has a full barbecue menu with chicken, brisket, ribs, sausage, etc., along with all the savory side dishes.  The food was amazing–absolutely no doubt.   The service was friendly, warm, and delivered with lots of genuine smiles.  My chicken was moist, tender, and filled my belly with that comfort feeling after a home-cooked meal made with pure love.  In fact, love is what I would say Sam’s is all about.


While the food was amazing, we also enjoyed a conversation with Sam, who is actually Mr. Brian Mays, an actor and comedian, and self-proclaimed changed man (video below).  Mr. Mays blessed us with his conversation and even gave Mike a tour of his smokers.  Mr. Mays starred with Nicolas Cage in the movie, Joe, which was released in 2013.  He has had roles in other movies, as well.   His red carpet interview at the movie premier at South by Southwest in Austin can be seen by clicking here.  Mr. Mays has personal charisma, gives a wonderful hug, and is full of real-life wisdom.  I won’t even attempt to write his words for fear of not giving them proper justice, so a portion of his talk with us is below:

Mr. Mays’ barbecue establishment has been in Austin for 30-plus years.  As he states in the video above, his life has taken many turns and taught him wise lessons, which he is open and free to share with anyone willing to listen.  His sincerity and heart shine through his food, his conversation, and his laugh.

Please stop by Sam’s Bar-B-Que when in the Austin area.  It’s a stop you won’t regret.  You’ll be met with smiles, laugher, stories, and food that fills you up like no other love food anywhere.

Thank you, Mr. Mays, for the warm and friendly welcome.  Wishing you many years of success to you and your beautiful family.

To sign off, here are words of wisdom Mr. Mays shared:


What an inspiration.

With love, Dawn




  1. Brian is an absolutely fabulous person, and I am so glad you found the ONLY good barbeque place in Austin on your trip! I lived near there for ten years and couldn’t go through a week without heading over to get some chopped beef. I am so enjoying watching you wander around my old neck of the woods.

    1. I loved meeting Brian and the barbecue! My brother-in-law suggested it and I’m so glad we went. We’re enjoying the Austin area and getting family time in. There is so much to do and see, but I’m really loving the little towns surrounding it. Thanks so much! Dawn

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