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When our plan for living full time and traveling in the RV came to fruition, the downsizing reality became quite pressing.  We have a small closet and a few drawers, and my clothes were not going to fit.  I had to be clever with clothing choices and make each article count.  Marissa from Less Junk More Journey did a video on a capsule wardrobe, and the concept intrigued me and made a lot of  sense for our small space.


I’ve always been fashion challenged and opted for clothing to hide my many imperfections.  When I worked for a medical facility, my clothing was neat, tidy, and very conservative business attire that adhered to a strict dress code (which included panty hose–an asinine concept when walking half a mile from the parking lot in 100-degree Florida weather).  When I started working from home, my daily wardrobe consisted of pajamas, baggy shorts, and oversized t-shirts.  I had mix-and-match pieces, but mostly a mishmash of stuff I didn’t need, would never wear, and were woefully out of date.  Did I really need that jumpsuit from back in the 80s?  What about the shoulder-padded dress I wore nine months pregnant twenty-five years ago? The dress from my senior prom could probably go, too.

By the time we hit the road, I learned about a clothing line called LuLaRoe that simplified my downsizing and storage dilemma.  There were pictures of women wearing patterned leggings with comments about how they felt like “buttah.”  I wasn’t too sure at first–I’m a generously shaped girl with lots of oddly placed curves, but I ordered my first pair and was instantly hooked.  They do feel like butter, and the patterns–way too cute and quirky.  The comfort of the clothing feels marvelous and the bright colors and unique patterns make me happy.   LuLaRoe has adorable and flattering tops to go with the myriad of legging and skirt colors.  There are so many different styles, and all of them mix-and-match to build a capsule wardrobe that can be dressed up or down and uniquely accessorized.  It’s a form of self-expression and creativity I didn’t know I was missing–and it’s liberating.

Here are some outfits that Tammy Spencer, my sweet friend and consultant, has shared with me along with photos of family members and myself.  The possibilities are endless.

As the photographs depict, it’s  all unique, colorful, attractive, and fun–for all sizes, shapes, and ages.  They also have children’s clothing for matching outfits for mommy (or grandma) and me.  It’s perfect for stay-at-home, on-the-go, or dressy-up days.

How is LaLaRoe compatible with RV living?  The leggings can be rolled up and take a very small space in a drawer.  The dresses, skirts, and shirts (perfect T’s are my favorite), are all lightweight and can easily be hung in a closet or folded in a drawer.  I can wear them hiking, walking and sightseeing, and I can put on a lightweight and comfortable dress for dinner out.  I love my LuLaRoe wardrobe and the colors, patterns, and styles make it unique to me.

In the picture below are all of my LuLaRoe articles.  They include twelve pair of leggings, two Carly dresses (casual dresses), five perfect Ts (tops), three Irmas (tops), and two Lindsays (shrugs/cardigans).   They all fit in one single drawer and are wrinkle-free when I pull them out.  There is even room for more.


Out with the black, gray, and dreary clothing to hide my imperfections–and in with bright, happy, and comfortable clothes that fit my lifestyle and personality.

If this sounds intriguing, take a look at Tammy’s inventory.  Ask her questions about sizing, colors, matching, and flattering styles for specific body types and tastes.  She works with many consultants and has a knack for finding special pieces to complete a look or style.  Start with a pair of leggings, and the addiction will begin.

Meanwhile, I’m ‘Roe-ing’ my way to another exciting adventure today–colorful, comfortable, and casual.  What are you wearing?

Love, Dawn




  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of LuLaroe stuff lately. How are the prices? I have a friend who sells CAbi, another in-home brand and they are VERY expensive so I can only get a piece or two once in a while. I love the patterns and bright colors of these clothes but I am afraid I’d look huge in them.

    1. I thought the same thing (I’m really, really curvy), but they are so comfortable and fun I decided I didn’t care. It’s a little pricey, but I collect a little over time and try to build a mix-and-match collection. It may not work for everyone or be in their taste, but it’s great for me. I haven’t heard of the CAbi brand and will have to take a look. I mix and match my LuLaRoe with other pieces I find, too (usually on sale somewhere). Take care!

  2. how pricey is pricey??? lol..those of us on a fixed income need to be exceedingly careful with our discretionary funds……but I love the look!

    1. I think all of us need to be careful with our funds. I didn’t buy all of mine at once–it collected slowly over time. I also mix it with pieces I already had and catch sales and even thrift store finds that match. It isn’t really the brand that is important–it’s finding what works and makes us happy. It just took me a while to figure out what that was (clothes-wise anyway). 🙂

  3. Hmm. I’ve heard about LuLaRoe in the past but always discounted it because 1) I’d read embarrassing stories about the thinness of some leggings, and 2) I tend to be dismissive of products sold direct or through house parties. But I’ve also come to realize that leggings and breezy boho-style tops are a good fit for me (I think). So this was enlightening, and I’ll give Tammy’s site a look!

    1. A particular internet meme of a rather curvy woman wearing a thin pair of black leggings riding a bicycle came to mind. 🙂 The style is not for everyone, but I think they are soooo comfortable and it’s fun to mix and match. Thank you for checking Tammy’s site out. She’s great at answering questions.

  4. OMG, you must be my soul sister, Dawn! I became a LLR addict with the excuse that the space it takes up would be so small in the 5th wheel. I’ve wondered when someone would write about the virtues of of LLR regarding rv’ing. Love it! And you look fab!

  5. woah baby……..just found a price list. thrift stores and yard sales will be the only way..but my gosh those are adorable!

  6. I love Lula roe, I can pack for vacation weeks in advance and it doesn’t wrinkle and like you said, it makes me happy too! Love you Dawn!

  7. I always wear Lularoe leggings on driving days! My collection has expanded a lot recently because my sister became a consultant! It’s a little too much fun to buy and wear Lularoe.

    1. I already get myself in so much trouble with a good friend being my consultant, let alone a family member. I so enjoy mixing and matching. If nothing else, I will always be colorful and comfortable! 🙂 Safe travels to you! Dawn

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