Thankful for Lessons from Happily Houseless – Full-Time RV Life

Mike and I have left Austin, visited Dallas, and are now camped on a beautiful cattle ranch in Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, the blog doesn’t reflect all of our recent travel adventures.  Random Bits is behind and lacking the creative push needed to document memories. The inspiration will hit, but it’s definitely not there today.

When we first began our travel plans, there was a YouTube channel titled “Happily Houseless.”  He was an inspiration on our journey to full-time travel.  His mantra was to live life on his own terms NOW–not waiting to live his dreams ‘someday.’  He was in the process of selling his house, belongings, choosing his travel mode, and was ready to wander.  He met another YouTuber and fell in love, and they were about to begin their wayfaring together when he was diagnosed with an extensive brain tumor.  He documented the process of getting ready for his brain surgery, even shaving his full beard and head of hair on a touching video with his girlfriend by his side.  He began filming again a couple months after his recovery.  He was busy relearning daily life functions as a result of his tumor, and he was excited to begin his RV adventure.   Then, there was a final video.  In that segment, he stated he was done documenting his journey and spending the time editing video for public consumption.  He and his girlfriend were going to start their adventures privately.  His new advice was to experience everything to the fullest–living life and not wasting time documenting it.

His story has haunted me, and quite often I wonder how he is and where the road has taken them.  Did his tumor reappear?  Does he have regrets?  How far is he on his bucket list?  Most importantly, does he know how many people he inspired?

There are too many excuses to delay or avoid time with family, friends, or working in adventures.  The home doesn’t always have to be neat and tidy, the grocery store can wait just a few more hours, that workout can be done later today or tomorrow, the laundry pile never disappears, driving time/traffic can be valuable alone time, and/or determining the difference between not having the funds versus not wanting to spend them.  Time with family, children, siblings, friends, and new adventures are moments that can never be replaced–time passed cannot be recovered.  That’s not to say it’s okay to shirk responsibilities–it’s just important to shift priorities.  What if life gets snuffed out in the next hour?  Are there regrets?

Thank you, Happily Houseless.  I hope he’s out there somewhere living life on his terms–happy and healthy.  I’m learning to do the same.

I hope you are, too.

Love, Dawn


  1. Dawn! I’m so sorry I didn’t realize you were in Austin … I’d love to meet you next time you’re here. (We’re actually living FT in our RV in Lago Vista, which is in the same county as Austin but a smidge NW of the city.) The clothing issue is one I keep trying to get right. Thanks for the tips!

    1. We’ll definitely be back. We have a lot of family living there, so it may be our winter spot next year. Thanks for stopping by! We will definitely have to cross paths when in Austin the next time. Dawn

  2. Wondered about you but I’ve been busy with the A to Z Challenge I was working on and visiting other bloggers in that challenge. Glad to hear all is okay with you guys and I agree about the time we have here!

    1. I have so much catching up to do. I love to read the blogs I follow and try to comment, etc., so I have to find out what my peeps are up to. 🙂 I hope you survived the challenge and accomplished your goal. It’s a lot of work, but it feels so good when it’s over! It’s a brave undertaking–so bravo! Dawn

  3. Hello,I do remember the person you mentioned he was selling his home in Tucson az he had a dodge van than he brought another I think with his girlfriend he was a nice person and good videos I don’t remember his name but I wish him well and hope he is ok I have thought of him.

    1. I always enjoyed his videos and loved the quotes he would put at the end. He did have a van and then the truck topper camper with his girlfriend. He left an impression on me, for sure, and was one of the people who inspired us to go full-time. We have no regrets and are loving it! Thanks for stopping by. Dawn

    1. We are enjoying it so far, that’s for sure. If it’s a dream for you, it will work out. The bravest aspect is taking the first step–and the reward is loving it so much I never look back! Save travels in all your journeys. Can’t wait to keep up with your blog! Dawn

  4. Thank you for sharing this. We too followed Happily Houseless, but we did not get to see his final video. I too am trying to balance the documentation of our journeys (as we promised friends and family we’d do) with living each moment in the now. It’s very hard to enjoy a spot to its fullest when you’re busy taking pictures or videos of it. Happy Travels!

    1. That’s my struggle, too. I know that I will look back at the memories I’ve kept in my blog and enjoy it all over again. I put too much pressure on myself to get a post in, and I just really need to chill and enjoy the adventures and write about them when time/inspiration hits–or when my camera memory is too full. 🙂 Safe travels! Dawn

  5. I think it’s a tough call. I sometimes feel like my blog can interfere with just ‘being’ and ‘enjoying,’ but I love having this record of the things we’ve done and the places we’ve been. I have a lousy memory and have already almost forgotten some things. But I can also appreciate what he was saying. I hope he’s out there enjoying life too.

    1. I love recording my memories, and I do look back on them often and remember things I forgot. I need to quit putting pressure on myself to get the posts done so I can enjoy the here and now. I’m so behind–I’m still posting on Austin, and my family is confused because they know I’m in Oklahoma. It will all sync up someday because, like you, I love having a record of the memories. Thank you for reading and safe travels to you! Dawn

  6. Nice post and very appropriate as I sit here reading others’ blogs when I know I need to update mine. I wonder how well I will remember this part of our new lifestyle after several That is my motivation for blogging. Sometimes it does begin to feel like a chore tho. Right now I’m about two weeks behind:(

    1. I procrastinate all the time by reading other blogs and anything else but writing. 🙂 I have the same motivation to record our travels. I just need to wait for rainy days or a burst of inspiration to get them all done. Meanwhile, time keeps ticking and I’m afraid my memories will disappear with the ticking seconds. I’m glad you share your adventures! Thank you so much for stopping by. Dawn

  7. Think of it this way Dawn. Your blog’s name is Random Bits, so I would say it’s perfectly fine to only post what you want and when you feel like. If you want to keep friends and family updated on where you are, perhaps adding an easy-to-update page or side bar for your current location should serve the same purpose. I keep track of everywhere we went for our consumption, but I don’t post most of them. Too much work. I’m retired. 😉

  8. Hi Dawn!

    We just stumbled across your blog post and appreciate the kind words. It’s easy to forget why we started documenting our journey in the first place. Your blog post has reminded us of our original intention with creating Happily Houseless. We’re currently working on another big life change and are going to start documenting it to help inspire others if we can. Thank you again and best of luck in your travels 🙂

    -Mark & Jess (Happily Houseless)

    1. I am so honored that you have found and read my post. We (my husband and I) cannot thank you enough for the inspiration to start our own journey. We watched your YouTube videos faithfully, took your words to heart, and made the leap to live life our own way. We’ve never looked back. Your story touched my heart, and I’m happy that you will be embarking on a life change and will hopefully document it. Best wishes for much happiness and thank you for the inspiration. Thanks so much for reading my post. Dawn

    2. Can’t wait to see what your new life change will be! My first encounter with Happily Houseless videos were when Mark did one on what he would go back and tell his younger self. I was so impressed with the wisdom he shared – and from such a young man! So thank you for your past efforts and good luck with whatever it is that you’re embarking on.

      1. I’m so glad you commented, too. Even if they decide not to document their future plans, I’m happy to have the opportunity to thank them for their inspiration–and I know so many other people feel the same. Mark and Jess have a gift of inspiring and motivating others and I hope their future plans bring them joy!

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