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Downtown Dallas, Dealey Plaza, and visiting the grave of Stevie Ray Vaughan were among the places we visited during our short stay in Dallas.

The legendary guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan, is laid to rest in Laurel Land Cemetery in Dallas.  Being a musician, Mike wanted to pay his respects while we were in the area.  The cemetery was massive and  contained several geocaches hidden in the peaceful gardens, so we enjoyed a brisk walk and found some treasures.

The drive through downtown Dallas was slow due to traffic issues.  It did give us a chance to see some of the architecture and bridges, both new and old, as we passed through.  Most photos were taken while moving, but we managed to catch some highlights.

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One of the more sobering sites was Dealey Plaza where President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed.  We have watched many videos, documentaries, and conspiracy theories surrounding this sad event in our nation’s history.   Being in the spot where it physically happened was tough.  The day we were there, tourists were waiting on waning traffic so they could lay in the street posing with smiles by the X’s that mark the location of John F. Kennedy’s shooting–where the President of the United States took his last breath with the horrified First Lady at his side.  The atrocity of the moment is immortalized in videos, and to witness people taking selfies at the infamous ‘X’ with duck lips, peace signs, and happy faces made me angry.   Our goal is to see all historical landmarks, and I’m not sorry we toured Dealey Plaza–but it hurt my heart to observe fellow Americans visit the area with such lightheartedness and lack of respect.


The Grassy Knoll
From the defacement of the word allegedly on the marker, conspiracy theories cloud the historical facts.
The open window on the right, seen through the tree branches, was where Lee Harvey Oswald took aim and fired at President John F. Kennedy.
The spot where President John F. Kennedy was shot.

Dallas is a beautiful city.   It’s unfortunate a part of its history is shrouded in the tragic shooting of President Kennedy.  Words cannot express the myriad of emotions when visiting this site of American history.

I will leave you with these words to honor a President who sacrificed all for the United States:


Love, Dawn


  1. I noticed the exact same thing when I visited Dealey Plaza and noted it in my post about it. It’s unreal how disrespectful people can be. Yesterday I went to the Gettysburg Visitors Center and actually left early because of the obnoxious high school kids running around the museum unsupervised. I get that kids are kids, but there should be some minimal level of common sense involved in visiting places like that. Unfortunately, there is not….

    1. I agree. I can’t wait to get to Gettysburg. I’ve gotten into genealogy, and now these historical places mean so much more to me–walking in the footsteps of my ancestors. Now, if I can just keep my cool with the misbehaving tourists around me, I’ll make progress! Safe travels! Dawn

  2. I don’t think you’re over reacting at all my friend. It’s just a shame that people can’t show respect. I think ignorance is running amuck in our society and it’s sad.

  3. One of the tragedies of history. My husband got there but I never have. You made it even more interesting. You are a graphic writer.

  4. Beautiful write up and heart wrenching at the same time. I was in Dallas once on a business trip. No time to sight see, so thank you for showing me what I missed. What a great President he was. Such a loss for America. His replacement really hurt us with his war on poverty that has been the worst attempt to help people. We now have generations of poverty that’s only worse….I could listen to JFK speak for hours! Loved His Massachusetts accent and his wisdom.

    1. I loved President Kennedy and often wonder what he would have accomplished had he been able to finish his term. I agree with your view on Johnson and the negative legacy of his time in office (I have nothing nice to say about Johnson, so I’ll pull a Thumper’s mother here). I appreciate you taking the time to read and the kind feedback. Dawn

      1. We’re on the same page, Dawn! I think President Kennedy could have accomplished so much more. He was a wonderful diplomatic President, very inspiring and was a conservative!

  5. In commemoration of his 100th birthday, I am publishing a book, “We Remember the Day of President Kennedy’s Assassination” – containing comments and articles by senior citizens who remember details on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination. The paperback book is available on

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