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There are many sites in Dallas to visit, but we were short on time and caught just a few local highlights.  Since my goddaughter lives in Irving, we concentrated on those areas for short spurts of sightseeing.  The following were highlights of that whirlwind afternoon.

The Mustangs of Los Colinas was an exquisite stop.  It’s a sculpture of spirited mustangs running through a body of water–all set amongst a busy office complex.  The artwork by Mr. Robert Glen was meticulous.  The horses were captured in all their majesty and it was easy to imagine them stampeding through the water, wind blowing in their manes, and running on strong, graceful legs.  We were visiting by day in bright sunlight and it was breathtaking.  I can’t imagine the view at night.  The Mustangs of Las Colinas were amazing.




Our next stop was the Irvin Veterans Memorial Park.  This park paid tribute to the local servicemen and women who sacrificed all for the United States of America.  It’s a peaceful place to reflect and give honor to those who have served to protect our nation.


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Our visit to Dallas was short and very productive.  The time with family was the most important and special.  We can’t wait to visit again.

Now, it’s on to Oklahoma!

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  1. Thank you for sending these. Loved the mustangs…….looked like the old wild wild west!!!
    Stay safe. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Thanks for sending. Loved those photos……looked like scenes from the old wild wild west movies! Stay safe and enjoy it all. Love,Jody

  3. Wow, I can almost hear those horses running through the water. How fun to find these treasures on your journey! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  4. You just went through my neck of the woods. I’m out by the racetrack (Hwy 114 & I-35)
    The Mustangs are beautiful creatures, aren’t they?
    Enjoy your travels and be safe. I’m enjoying reading about where you visit, even though I don’t comment on all the posts.

  5. What wonderful sculptures of the horses! They look almost real. Is there some sort of little bubbling fountains in the water to make it look like they are splashing? Thanks for showing your photos! 🙂

  6. Wow! This was incredible. Reminded me of the Denver airport where they have that firey statue of the horse. Have you seen it? Loved your photos and learning something new.

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