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While in Branson, MO, Mike and I took the Branson Scenic Railway Tour.  It’s a 20-mile train ride that goes into the Ozark foothills, through a couple small towns, a few high train trestle bridges, long tunnels, and then reverses direction and heads back to the station in downtown Branson.


We discovered  a little secret that helped us get boarded early enough to beat the crowds and get a prime seat at the top of the observation car–make reservations well in advance.  We made ours two weeks ahead, which worked to our favor because they boarded in order of reservation.  We made our way through the length of the train and were lucky enough to sit in the back seat of one of the most popular railway cars.  We were surrounded by windows so we had a wonderful view.

Outside view of the observation car.
Still sitting in the station on this one, but the windows were wonderful–blue sky and lush scenery (once we got going, of course).
Mike and I sat opposite of one another and had a tremendous view on the trip out and the trek back to town.

It was difficult to get great photographs because of the speed of the train, and we eventually put the camera away and enjoyed the relaxing ride through the beautiful landscape.  Here are some of the views we did capture:

One of the views of the mountains surrounding us.
View out the side window from one of the trestle bridges.
We could see where the train was going.
One of the tunnels that plunged us into complete darkness.

There are two things we observed about Branson–the people are wonderful and they love our United States military veterans.  Rod, our conductor of the day, was informative and friendly.


This was one of the few touristy things in Branson we opted to do, and it did not disappoint.  We enjoyed the trip, the scenery, meeting other passengers, and talking to the employees on the train.  This is one activity we would recommend.


Thank you, Branson Scenic Railway for the wonderful afternoon.

Due to the appreciation of our current surroundings and enjoying time with family and friends, we are still out of order on the blogging.

Where we are:  Splitting time between Alpena and Roscommon, Michigan, with a day trip or two into the Upper Peninsula to visit the Yoopers, have some pasties, and experience the unique beauty of northern Michigan.

Where we are Headed:  Chicago, Illinois–or Michigan City, Indiana–not quite sure, yet.

Blog Post Location:  Branson, Missouri.

Safe travels to you!  Dawn (and Mike)

P.S.  While Branson won’t be covered in our YouTube videos, you can visit the channel any time at RandomBitsRV.



  1. How fun! We are thinking of taking a railroad trip up the coast of California into Seattle. Thanks for the heads up about picture taking and getting advanced reservations.

      1. It is relatively inexpensive as well. I’ve been seeing a lot of train trips available and that may be how we are going to get our travel in. I’m afraid that our dream of driving across country to see all the different major league ballparks won’t be able to happen now that hubby has back issues. He can’t sit for so long anymore (plus the fact that other drivers on the road irritate him – LOL)

        1. I understand his irritation with traffic! I think train travel would be so much fun–like someone pointed out in another comment that nobody has to drive and miss out on scenery. My sis-in-law has the goal of seeing the baseball parks, too.

  2. I love scenic railroads! You see things not accessible by car, and neither partner has to pay attention to the road. That is a lovely photo of you, Dawn! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! This looks like a wonderful excursion. My husband and I often talk about RVing, but so far, I haven’t been brave enough. I’m hoping seeing your adventures will give me the courage to just go ahead and give it try. Safe travels!

  4. You guys are having a blast!!! Wish I were stowed away in your camper! Lol!!! Love all the amazing pictures. Enjoy!!

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