Everything has changed!

A Note From Dawn:   When I started this blog in 2014, it was to journal a road trip cross country (Jacksonville FL to Newport OR) with my daughter. I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts about the adventure, our mother/daughter relationship, and the personal growth the experience brought about in me. That ten-day trip was one of the sparks that ignited the full-time RVing dream and this blog has grown into an account of making that journey a reality. I never dreamed it would bring people into my life whose experiences, opinions, and friendships would mean so much. It’s built for Mike and me a virtual community of friends with a wealth of knowledge and an unselfish willingness to share. It’s especially rewarding when we meet these fellow wanderers in person on the road. Our mutual love for traveling, downsizing, and living our own American Dream bonds us in ways I could never imagine.

Receiving a compliment, word of encouragement, or a gentle nudging to keep doing what I’m doing from my blogging friends means the world to me. Other writers know that pieces of our hearts go into our efforts, and it’s sweet moment to find out we touched someone else, even in a small way.

This is a reblog from a dear friend. His words touched me, and I hope they do you, also.

Thank you to my blogging friends. Your likes, comments, and follows mean so much, and I love reading the talent, experience, and entertainment you provide in your posts. You’re all an inspiration. Thank you.

Please read the reblog from my dear friend, Patrick:


    1. I agree–I can’t wait to explore a campground once we get there to see if there’s anyone we ‘know’ to meet in person. 🙂 I like RVillage to help do that. It means so much to know there’s so many people willing to offer advice and encouragement. I love my ‘blogosphere’ family–of which, you are a member, by the way.

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