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My tiny RV closet is always a mess.  I have rearranged and reorganized it four times since we hit the road in January.   The problem is, I can’t seem to keep it neat and tidy and it drives me nuts.

I had an unexpected chunk of time available on Saturday to reorganize with some new items to assist in making the space more functional.  I decided to take video instead of photographs so I could keep my hands busy.  While my camera presence is a little lacking (okay, a lot lacking), there may be a tip or two in there that could help with small space issues.

Please take a look here at RandomBitsRV on YouTube.   If you have additional suggestions on how to tackle my messy closet, I would love to hear them.

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  1. You’re camera presence is perfect! Who else could make closet organization seem so fun? When you kept pulling boxes out of the closet in the video, I kept thinking “where did that come from?”

    1. Thanks, Julie! I kept wondering where all those boxes came from myself. I have no idea how I fit so much junk in there. I think because they were self-contained and pretty, I could just hide stuff in them. I immediately gave them away so I can’t use them anymore. I’m just glad it’s done–thanks for coming along.

  2. My issue is the smell. My storage spaces are packed so full, there is no air circulation. For instance, under the bed: when I change the seasonal things, or need additional bedding – phew!! STALE. I’ve been using dryer sheets but don’t seem to change them often enough.

    1. I use the dryer sheets, too–I use the vacuum bags for my extra bedding and slip a couple of them in there. I also use the Damp Rid containers in the closets and under the sinks where I keep my towels and change them every month or so. It seems to help. We also have a couple dehumidifiers placed strategically, but they don’t seem to help the small spaces. There are all kinds of challenges! 🙂

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