Weekend Trip to St. Louis – Part I – Full-Time RV Life

Breakfast at Rooster’s, downtown St. Louis, and the City Museum, oh, my!  This flexible lifestyle is the best–it allows for impromptu adventures, like a weekend trip to the great city of St. Louis.  While staying in Branson, we decided to kidnap the ‘kids’ (oldest daughter and her significant other) and make the four-hour drive to the Arch.

St. Louis could easily take at least a week to experience all the wonders the city has to offer, but we only had three days and two of them were for travel back and forth.  We experienced as much as we could in that timeframe, and I think we made an impressive dent.  We stayed at the St. Louis Park RV Park, which was right down town in thick of things.

The plan first thing Saturday morning was getting some breakfast with ambiance.  After researching on line, Dani (oldest daughter) found the Rooster–a crepe and sandwich breakfast restaurant.  It was perfect.  We got to sit outside and experience downtown in real time.  The company was exceptional and the food was delicious, too.


Very nice “downtown” ambiance.


Love those faces.


After breakfast, we walked downtown and admired the architecture of the older buildings in the city.



The next stop was the most fun and intricate museum I’ve ever seen.  The City Museum is a mesmerizing piece of art–there are airplanes, busses on the roof, giant ball pits, a 9-story slide, hidden tunnels, wrought-iron curved stairways winding through multiple rooms, a ferris wheel, and all kinds of oddities to enjoy.  There were mazes and slides for the kids with hidden caverns, caves to examine, and rocks to climb.  This museum could take all day to tackle completely and still not encompass everything.  While we were only there for a couple short hours, many more could have been spent exploring.  There is something for everyone, and it’s simply amazing to be a part of the hustle and bustle in this unique space.

An unassuming entrance, but once those doors are opened…
Watch out school bus–you’re going to fall off the roof.
Mike had to get behind the wheel to see if he could save it.
An intimidating view from the passenger seat.
Just one of the big slides – this one’s on the roof.
There were even little gardens and fountains to scamper through.
There was no telling where the tunnels might end.
A tunnel with multi-faceted mirrors.
A real bank vault – an obstacle in a labyrinth of mazes.
There was even a human-sized hamster wheel.
Just one of the many wrought-iron multi-floor/room tunnels for the kids (and brave parents).

St. Louis was proving to be an exciting city to visit, and we were only up to 2:00 p.m.  Part II will include our visit to the riverfront, The Gateway Arch, and the Old Courthouse.

Still catching up on blogs from Missouri.  I’m getting closer!  Safe travels to you.


Where we are currently:  In Michigan for two more days.

Where we are headed:  Indiana, then Louisiana.

Blog Post Location:  St. Louis, Missouri.

While we have no videos from St. Louis, you can keep up with us on YouTube at RandomBitsRV.


  1. This looks like a great time! It must have been wonderful to spent time with Dani!!! Mike looked right at home driving the school bus … a little to high in the sky for me thank you. Thanks for taking us along Dawn. Love your blog!!!

    1. We stayed at the St. Louis RV Park. It’s a very simple park that’s mainly a parking lot with a pool, but it’s right downtown and we could easily access all the things high on our priority list. The office staff is very informative and friendly and has nighttime security. It’s perfect for a short trip downtown. I’m sure there are probably nicer parks on the outskirts, but this just worked out for us on our short trip. I hope you find something that works for you. I loved our visit to St. Louis. Thanks for stopping by! Dawn

  2. Those buildings are spectacular. Really impressive architecture. I appreciate that you would include photos of them in your post. The museum is something else. What mind created such a treasure!!

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