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One of the questions we are frequently asked is how Mike sets up his office for work since we travel and live in our RV.  He has a high-tech office area, which allows him the space and connectivity to work full time and still gives us a comfortable living space.

We travel on Mike’s days off, so his equipment isn’t in use while we are actually on the road.  He’s uses some clever gadgets to make his office safe and secure while our wheels are rolling so he doesn’t have to disassemble his set up for stowing.  When Monday morning rolls around, he’s all set up and ready to get to work.

In his latest video, he explains the way he’s assembled his work environment for efficiency, comfort, and connectivity.   His video, along with other videos we’ve done, can be seen at RandombitsRV, (be sure to like and subscribe for future videos) and he will be offering other technical tidbits here and there.  Here’s his mobile RV office:



If you have any questions about his mobile office or how he gets connectivity, please let us know in the comments either here or on the video.

Safe travels, Dawn

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We’ve recently become an Amazon Affiliate to help support this blog.  This is free for the consumer, and it just takes a click on one of the products below (you do not have to purchase the product–just shop Amazon as usual).  If you are interested in the gadgets used in this video, below are the products Mike used:




Monitor Mounting Arms






Adhesive TV Straps


    1. There are thousands of people making it work. Like the video implies, hubby works from the RV and we travel/explore whenever we can. When we first kicked around the idea of it being a possibility, we devoured YouTube vlogs and written blogs on the lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s a dream, there are ways of making it happen. Happy to answer any questions, always!

  1. As a blogger/photographer I have to stay connected. I ended up using an all in one monitor/computer and it works well for me. Love your setup Mike. I’ve always wanted dual monitors but could never justify the expense

    1. Mike’s double monitors are provided by work because he has so much up and running at the same time. I wouldn’t have two for personal use, though–takes up too much space and they are expensive. I think he’d love it if he could downsize computer equipment!

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