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Who doesn’t like a blazing campfire?  There’s something about chairs circling the radiating warmth in the cool night air, golden marshmallows toasting on a stick, and a delightful beverage to warm the insides.  It’s a ritualistic experience watching a mesmerizing fire dance, having the distinct smell of burning wood filling the nostrils, and trails of smoke causing a slight sting in the eyes.  It’s an activity that involves all five senses as it relaxes body, mind, and spirit.  The crackling flames have a spellbinding effect and create an atmosphere where heartfelt stories are shared.  It’s a place of camaraderie where friends are made, bonds are formed, and dreams revealed.

I’ll be posting an around-the-campfire story every so often.  It might be a short snippet of a funny fireside conversation, an anecdote shared along the way, or experiences that have become great memories.  I’ll try to make them humorous, serious and/or heartfelt, or maybe even profound.  Possibly, in the future, there will be guest contributions.

So pull up a chair, grab some marshmallows, and let’s share some campfire stories.

The first post will be coming soon.  Stay tuned.


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  1. We just spent several days with our Escapee chapter in OK.
    One of our members told us of this website
    which gives you date, time, length of siting and location in sky where the international space station will be. Three nights we enjoyed this.
    Campfires are a wonderful experience. I look forward to hearing about yours.

    1. Thank you, Janet! It took hours and hours, but I think I have it where it will work now. Still have a little tweaking, but it will get there. I received the new batch of cards and will write reviews today. I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much!

  2. New site format looks awesome! I know that takes a lot of thought and effort and you did a good job of it.

    Looking forward to your camp fire stores. For us future-timers if will be an existing way to experience part of what you guys are enjoying as full-timer RVers.

    1. Making new friends and getting to know them is the most fun thing about it all. You’ve got that down, though. Thanks for the site compliment–it takes hours, but I think I finally got it close to complete. Just a few more tweaks. Thanks for stopping by! I hope we get a chance to meet soon–I know our travels will take us to Missouri again, especially since our oldest lives there. Take care!

      1. I’m counting on meeting with you guys when you come back to Missouri. My sister lives in Springfield and I told her about your daughter working at the Bass Pro museum which my family says is an amazing addition.

        I’m still planning to hit your husband up on connectivity questions. Met a full timer last month who works full time and uses only a Verizon hotspot. So I’ll try and not over complicate the issue. I’m needing to have internet access three days a week. Twice for two hours and once for six hours. Small target to hit I’m hoping.

        1. Mike will be happy to talk to you any time about it. We’ve had connection issues the last couple of places we’ve stayed and have had to use the booster. The unlimited data ATT plans are going to be discontinued tomorrow (the ones that have them now will be grandfathered)–they have a hot spot for $20/month–I think), so we are happy to have that plan. We also have a Verizon prepaid on the back burner in case we need it. Usually, there are no issues–just once in a while.

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