Short Story Winner for October

It’s an honor to have one of my short stories chosen as a winner by author Stevie Turner. Stevie has recently chosen my short story,”Pink Peonies,” in her October short story contest. Thank you for the honor, Stevie.  Please check out her blog at Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

Her announcement blog post is below:

Stevie Turner

I’ve had a great time reading all your super stories.  Thanks to everybody who took part this month, and I hope you will all continue to send in some more stories as the months go by, and also maybe to even spread the word on your own websites.  I had a hard time picking out my favourite story for October.

I won’t do that very annoying thing of keeping you all on a cliff-hanger and promising to reveal the winner in my next blog just to boost my daily stats (!), so I’m pleased to announce that the winner for October is….

Mike and Dawn, otherwise known as ‘Random Bits of Trial & Error’.

Here’s the link to their lovely story ‘Pink Peonies’.  It somehow reminded me of when I was in New Orleans earlier this year.  I think it was reading about the old lady sitting on her…

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