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I love the mountains.   There is nothing more beautiful than a winding, uphill drive among the tall sprawling trees and thick foliage.  They are constantly changing–the pastel greens of tiny, baby leaves coming to life in spring; the deeper greens with bright colors of the wildflowers and butterflies in the summer; the deep reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall; and the stark beauty of leafless trees and frosty white-covered ground of winter.  I love them in all stages–they way they roll and change hues as the sun changes position and the shadows of clouds dance over the landscape.

When we stopped outside of Asheville, North Carolina, recently for a short stay, we took a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.   The scenery was breathtaking and the cloudy skies made it all the more pretty.   I can only show you a poor attempt at trying to capture the essence of the majesty in photographs.  They certainly cannot do the drive justice.


I recommend taking the Parkway and enjoying the stops along the way.  The Visitor’s Center is the place to get the National Park Passport stamp and about one-quarter mile from the Visitor’s Center is the Folk Art Center where several locally made Appalachian products are displayed and sold (there’s a passport stamp for the Folk Art Center, too).

It was a beautiful drive.

Where We Are Now:  Austin, TX   Where We Are Headed:  Jacksonville, FL  Blog Post Location:  Candler, North Carolina

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  1. Was that a photo of Looking Glass Rock? We hiked up the top of it a few years ago in a cold and damp weather. Some people walked too close to the edge of the rock face for my comfort. Just thinking about it made my palms sweat.

  2. Just a week or so ago we had guests with us on the parkway. One of the ladies was sorry she didn’t get out to take a picture of the sign for Rough Butt Bald. The section where you see Looking Glass Rock is the closest to our house. I’m so happy that we share a love of these mountains.

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