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As I blogged last week, RandomBitsRV has started a new series on YouTube called, “DRIVE – Powered by YOU.”   We posted the first video in the series featuring Sean and Julie Chickery from Chickery’s Travels.    See the video below:

We loved learning what drives Julie and Sean to the RVing lifestyle and are honored they shared their passion for travel and RV living in the ‘DRIVE – Powered by YOU’ series.  If you haven’t already, please subscribe to Chickery’s Travels’ YouTube channel, their blog/website, their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.  They have several videos and blog posts containing a wealth of valuable information on the RV lifestyle.  Please follow them to learn more.

We have received a few videos and are excited to post more in the coming days and weeks.  Please consider submitting YOUR video today.  We want to know what drives you.  Here are the repeated details for the call for videos:

Mike (from RandomBitsRV) and Patrick (from Paddy Wagon Travels) are starting a new series called “Drive – Powered by YOU,” which will include interviews from RVers just like you and me.  They are requesting videos of YOU answering the following questions:

  1.  What do you drive?  What type of RV do you have or what type of RV do you aspire to own?
  2. What drives you?  Personally, the answers to this question are my favorite.  What made you consider this lifestyle?  In other words, what desire drives you to live the nomadic existence?
  3. Where are you driving to next?  What’s on the horizon in your traveling plans?

It’s for everyone who wants to live the RV lifestyle.  Are you at the point where you are considering RV living full time?  Do you love camping and try to do it every free minute you have available?  Are you full-time RVing currently and/or have been doing this for years?  Did you try the RV lifestyle and decide to come off the road for good?  We want to hear YOUR stories.  We want to know what drives you.

This project should be a lot of fun and help us all to meet new RVers on the virtual road and, hopefully, on the real road as we travel.  It’s a way to get to know each other and draw knowledge from experience.

The video request is below:



Please participate–introduce yourselves and let us hear what drives you.  Send your video submission to today.  Remember to ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ to RandomBitsRV on YouTube to see all the videos as they are uploaded.


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What are YOUR thoughts?

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