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Photo of me on one of my olfactory adventures

My name is Lexie.  I’m a rescued bullmastiff and a full-time RVer.  My pack mom writes blogs about the fluffy travel stuff she does and pack leader dad makes videos on all the gadgets.  They always get the spotlight in our RV life, and now I want some attention.  I’m capable of so much more than laying around looking pretty and baptizing my loved ones with drool.

People ask my humans if I like the RV life.  They wonder how I travel and if I’m happy.  They also ask what I do all day.

Me—stopping to take a breather

To be honest, I have life kind of hard on most days.  Mom is high maintenance.  She greets me every morning by squishing my jowls and talking to me with a high pitched, “Good morning, Lexie Bear.  How’s my sweet puppy dog?”    Okay, the voice grates on my nerves and the baby talk is annoying, but she gives really good belly rubs, pats my sides, and massages my ears.  She also feeds me and makes sure I have lots of fresh water. She’s slow getting around in the morning when I’m ready to go outside and explore.  She turns on that grindee thing that makes something called coffee while I have to patiently wait for her to take me outside.  She gets dressed, gets her shoes on, and leashes me up for our walk.  I try to sit quietly while she does all this, but the excited and powerful swish of my tail often gives me away.

Since our house is on wheels, we seldom have the same yard twice.  It’s my job making sure other neighborhood dogs know my territory.   I let my bladder fill to capacity and then exercise careful self control to make sure the perimeter is covered.  Sometimes, a dog just has to take her time, you know?  I have to scope out the neighbors so I can keep my humans safe.

Checking out the neighborhood

There are so many luscious smells.  A poodle here, a boxer there.  A German shepherd marked it’s territory in site 75–it’s a boy, too, so I’ll prance pretty when we walk by.  The great dane in site 78 has an interesting smell.  He might be friends-with-benefits material, too.  One of those yappy chihuahua dogs lives in site 82, a Pomeranian in 85, and a shih-tzu in 87.  To be honest, those little barkers scare me–it’s tricky to deal with the Napoleon syndrome.  Those Pomeranians and shih-tzu bow-wows are all glamour and pretty faces, but I need a dog with substance.   Oh, hello, Mr. English Mastiff in site 92.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  I want to put my nose to the ground and linger around his scent, but Mom is pulling on my leash.

Mom gets a little frustrated with me and says in a firm voice, “Lexie, just poop already!”  I wish she would understand things can’t always be rushed, and often I’m shy.  I can’t poop just anywhere.  I have to find the perfect spot.  There it is.  Ahhh.  Now that I’ve scoped out the neighborhood and performed my morning constitutional, I’m ready to go home.  I’m a hefty girl, I get tired going all that distance, but I have to wait until Mom gets the baggie-things out to pick up my masterpiece.

Mmm.  I, too, love cheese

Back at home, it’s pretty chill during the day.  Mom might go on an adventure or work on her computer.  Dad works ALL DAY.  He doesn’t have time to pet me because he’s talking on the phone.  So I lay on my deluxe comfy memory foam mattress and take wonderful long naps.  Sometimes Dad nudges me when I’m having a really good dream.  I bark in my sleep.  Sometimes I snore too loud.  Other times he simply gags over my excessive gas production.

I love lunch time.  Mom’s a pushover.  All I have to do is look at her, tilt my head, and perk my ears.  She gets all gushy, “Oh, Lexie.  That face.”  She again squishes my jowls and slips me a piece of cheese, a carrot, or a bussels sprout.  Some days, the look works on Dad, too–he might give me a little piece of sausage or even a chunk of hotdog.  Lunch can be yummy if I use my doggie wiles to my advantage.  If they don’t slip me something delicious, I’ll plop on my bed with a giant “humph” and go back to sleep.

Finally, Dad gets off work.  He barbecues supper outside and I go with him.  Once in a while, I don’t have to be on my leash, and other times I have to be tied in our camping spot.  It really doesn’t matter because I love Dad and I’d stay by him no matter what.  Well, unless the English mastiff walks by.

My family
Mom, will you pay attention?

In the evening, it’s snuggle time with Mom and Dad.  If I give them my pitiful face and put my droopy chin on Mom’s leg, they’ll let me sit between them.  I usually butt up to Mom so I can rest my head on Dad.  Other times I sit or lay down nearby, especially if one of my girls, Uncle Paddy, a new RV neighbor, or someone else comes by to visit.   I love it when we have visitors.  Dad says it’s bad manners to slime them with slobber.  I am a bullmastiff, though, and sometimes it happens by accident.


I save my dog food for the very last minute of the day, just in case Mom and Dad decide to slip me something yummy.  Once in a while, I get soup broth with beef bits and carrots.  If they make a pork roast, I get a small dipper of the delicious juice.  Mom makes me scrambled eggs once in a while.


Bedtime is the best time of day.  There’s final outside time with Dad.  Mom and Dad’s bed is too high for me to jump up and join them, so I sleep a few feet away on my comfy doggie bed.  As soon as I hear Dad snoring, I hop up on the couch where I hunker down for the night listening for boogey men and dreaming about the English mastiff in site 92.

All of my days are wonderful.  My people are in my sight all the time and I can keep them safe.  They take me on adventures when dogs are allowed, and once in a while I get valuable alone time to nap without interruption.


What about those travel days?  Mom and dad put my bed between the motorhome seats.  Sometimes I sit up and watch where we’re headed, and other times the soft vibration of the road lulls me to sleep.  When we get to our new destination, there are a myriad of smells to investigate.

I hope there’s an English mastiff in the next campground.

I love my RV life.  I love being an RV dog.

P.S.  Please do not support puppy mills and inhumane breeders.  Rescue a loyal friend today.  I promise he or she will rescue YOU.


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  1. Love it! She is beautiful. I worked for a mastiff rescue back in NH for a while, they are so loving. I’ve been thinking of writing a post from Diesel’s point of view for a while (our 14 year old yellow lab), I guess I better get on it.

  2. Lexie, you are a pretty lady and lucky to have such nice humans. If I wasn’t “fixed”, I’d invite you over to play. I’ll be eight years old soon and the human I adopted, let me write a column once also. You can see it here: https://villageundertaker.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/big-red-fills-in/. Some of the pictures are missing, but we can thank WordPress for that. Enjoy your travels and if you ever get to the Augusta, GA/Aiken, SC area, hit me up on FB and you can drool on me as much as you want to. Best wishes, Big Red.

    1. I loved your post, Big Red. It’s kind of nice writing about the world from our point of view. I’ll urge my human parents to arrange a meet up if we are in the area. I’m ‘fixed,’ too, but I love meeting new friends in our travels. Happy sniffing! Lexie

  3. Another amazing blog post Dawn! Having fallen in love with Lexi myself, I can attest to everything you said here. She is the sweetest dog and loves being loved. What a great addition to have on the road. Thanks for sharing here Dawn.

  4. My daughter has a Japanese Bull Mastiff, also a rescue dog. She’s a love. Big baby who sleeps with them. Move over Mom. My daughter in law is big into rescue dogs, boarded them between adoptions until one of them bit me, unprovoked. Now they just dog sit. Fabulous article, Dawn. You are an awesome writer.

    1. Thank you so much! I love mastiffs–gentle giants. Sooooo much love! Sorry you got bit–I hope the injury wasn’t too severe! I got bit on the butt once by a loose dog while bicycling on the road in front of a neighbor’s yard–never pedaled so hard in my life and had an awful bruise (didn’t break the skin). Dogs usually like me and that incident terrified me. Lexie wouldn’t hurt a flea, though. Hope all is getting settled with you and the new sticks and bricks! I’m so excited for you.

  5. I absolutely love this post from Lexi. Dawn your ability to make her actually be speaking is incredible your writing skills are amazing and you must keep this up. I feel so connected to you when I read your blogs and and helps me not to miss you so much. Love you

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Lexie you are a beauteous girl! And I loved reading all about your life. I fully understand how tough it must be but you are a lovely girl to be so forgiving of the jowl squidges and squeaky voice – wise girl, you understand that it is because your humans love you so much. My little dog, The Bean was found in a dustbin when she was a baby. She came to live with us and at the time I had three other rescued dogs – a labrador who had been liberated with all the others when the police raided a puppy farm, a whippet cross who was found wandering in the town and old Hector who had already had four homes before he came to us. They are all in doggy heaven now The Bean has sole responsibility for me. I cannot imagine life without her and I echo your sentiment about rescuing a dog which in turn will rescue her. Sorry for the overlong comment but I just adored this! May I share it on FaceBook?

    1. I love rescue animals–I’ve had cats and dogs that have rescued me (Lexie’s human mom) throughout the years who have also crossed the rainbow bridge. Lexie is a most loyal companion and SO MUCH LOVE! Lexie is so happy that your Bean takes good care of you–that would make The Bean a forever friend in her book. Of course, please feel free to share via FB. Thank you for stopping by, reading, and commenting. Take care, Dawn

      1. Thank you, Dawn. I will share your post on The Bean’s page …. she has a loyal following of good-hearted humans and this story is right up their street. Warm wishes to you all.

  7. Hahaha I was just scrolling down the community pool and I just really had to stop by.
    Well who wouldn’t. This cute little doggo is SOO adorable.
    My dog also goes around marking his boundaries on every shrub he sees. This was just a really good stress buster. Thank you for this great post <3
    Much love to Lexie <3 <3

  8. That’s precious. I came here expecting a scramble of letters, because I imagined how people’s cats walk all over keyboards, but to my surprise – an actual post. Fantastic, Lexi.

  9. Hey Lexie, great to meet you (and your mum Dawn). You’re adorable and I have a feeling that Harry, my eleven year old rescue stafffy, would get on famously with you. Happy adventuring. 😊

  10. Hey Lexie, You are adorable. Got here from Lacey’s blog. Glad I stopped by. Would love to follow your RV life. Not all are lucky to mark new territories so often. Enjoy the ride, girl! Regards to your mom and dad too.

  11. Lexie is so we’ll behaved! And SO adorable! Sunny loves when we set up camp in a new spot. She becomes very busy sending and “reading” her “Pee-Mail” 🤣

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