The Faces of Random Bits’ Spectacular 2017 – Full-Time RV Life

We’ve had such wonderful adventures and experiences over the last twelve months on the road.  The most memorable and cherished memories include the faces of family we’ve visited, new friends we’ve met, and people at our home base that mean the world to us.  These are the beautiful faces who made our 2017 spectacular.  If we saw you and you weren’t included, my apologies.  We’ve tried to make it a practice to do a selfie with everyone we meet along the way, and sometimes we forget.

If we missed your picture, please let us know!  Thank you all for a wonderful and amazing 2017.

Love from our hearts to yours,
Dawn and Mike





      1. You know, you should make a Guest Book for folks to sign when you meet them. You could always write in the names of people you’ve already met to catch it up. That might be a fun thing to do. I wish I had done that when Arn and I first got married. There’d be a lot of names after nearly 46 years!

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