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One of the most exciting things about Quartzsite in January is the opportunity to meet other RVers who share the same passion about the adventurous lifestyle.  Before and after battling a nasty bug which kept us down for a few days, we got to meet an enormous amount of people.  I was probably more social during the month of January than the entirety of 2017–a big accomplishment for this shy introvert.

Quartzsite is the winter mecca for gatherings of different RV groups and clubs.  There’s the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (the RTR, dubbed “The Real Burning Man,” in an article here by the New York Times), which keeps growing year after year.  It mainly consists of nomads who travel in vans or smaller RVs, but is in no way limited to any type of vehicle.  We visited for a day and experienced the myriad versions of freedom in this lifestyle–from tents to class As.

There are also the Escapees/Xscapers events.  The Escapees is a popular RV membership devoted to education among all RVers and consists of more mature travelers.  The Xscapers is a subdivision of the organization consisting of adults still working while traveling–a somewhat younger crowd.  They have a huge Gathering in January, which has also grown over the last few years.  Mike and I recently joined their ranks.

Multiple other special interest groups meet during the same time frame.  There are blogger and vlogger events, focused meet-ups of all kinds (art, baby boomers, seniors, RV brands, etc.), and get togethers from RVillage, YouTube families, and other personalities.  It’s a veritable Who’s-Who of RVers who share their lives and experiences via social media.  It’s also a great time for good friends to congregate and touch base in person.  It’s a time of meeting new friends, reuniting with old ones, and growing our community.

Mike and I had the opportunity to meet some fine folks in the San Antonio area before we got to Quartzsite.

The Heltons, from The Good Journey
Mike and Sarah from RV Fishing Adventures, Mike from Foto Hysteria, Patrick from Paddy Wagon Travels, Eric Odom and Jenna from RV Nomads – The Movie, John and Laura from Hebard’s Travels 

We had a delightful dinner with the Chickery’s while in Florida before departing for our trek to Quartzsite.

chickery 2
Sean and Julie from Chickery’s Travels:  Blog and YouTube  

We literally met these guys on the road–we merged together while traveling in opposite directions in New Mexico.  Meeting up with them was one of our goals for our Arizona trip.

Paul and Tiffany Shetka from Streamin with the Shetkas

We had the privilege of meeting some of the people that have inspired us over the years to live this crazy dream of ours.

Nathan, Marissa, and Hensley from Less Junk, More Journey


Robert from Traveling Robert


Marc and Julie from RV Love:  Website, YouTube, RV Success School


Eric and Jax from The Nomadic Fanatic

We also met many new friends whose journey we are excited to follow and hope to meet up with again.


Kenny and Sabrina from Moving Forward Adventures


Dave and Shirley from Down the Road We Go


Devan from Xsyntrik Nomad


Jason and Candace from Camping with the Kelleys


Dave and Katie from RN RV Chronicles


Matt and Maria from Nomadic Native


Audrey and Shane Callahan from Audrey Callahan Music


Cory and Kathy from Spirit Gypsy


Lola from Lost On Land Again, along with FrugalRVGal, and C-Dubs from C-Dubs Journey


Carolyn from Carolyn’s RV Life (she was mentioned in the New York Times article above)


Naus and Jedda from RV Wheeling


Ms. Freida from RVFreeDA – who celebrated her 70th birthday on a solo RV trek to Alaska

Albie, Jerome,  Paul, and Rick (the Static Nomadic)–all in Quartzite for Chico’s memorial service.

It was such an honor to meet so many of these nomads who live the lifestyle in their own unique ways.  I’ve noticed something important when fellow travelers get together–race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, and all of the other divisiveness society seems so focused on, falls away.  We all share the love of the open road and the ability to come and go as we please.  We bond over campfires, share a meal, gather to honor one who has passed on, look out for each other, share our experiences, and anticipate meeting again in our travels.

Yes, this lifestyle agrees with me, and all of the faces above (and the many more we have yet to meet) enrich the experience.

We are truly blessed, indeed.

Safe travels until we meet again.


Mike’s video recap of Quartzsite meet-ups on YouTube:  HERE.


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  1. So inspiring. As Tom Baker’s Doctor Who used to be fond of saying, “travel broadens the mind,” and I seem to recall having heard similar stories of how common social boundaries just seem to count for nothing in the nomadic lifestyle. Maybe staying in one place, guarding possessions or guarding a certain lifestyle or sense of security is actually more likely to nurture fear and distrust. I guess in the whole scope of evolutionary history, none of us are very far from our nomadic roots …

    1. I can only speak with authority on my own personal experience, but the nomadic lifestyle has opened my mind, my heart, and my communication skills. I’m not sure why, exactly, and I’m still trying to figure it out. I have walls–lots of them, but bonding and creating relationships with my fellow travelers slowly takes those bricks away. Some of it may becoming secure in my own skin since I’m pursuing our dream. Whatever it is, it’s working. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting–I love the quote, “travel broadens the mind.” Dawn

  2. We’ve made so many wonderful friends via full-time RVing. Thanks for sharing all the links. Some are familiar to me and others are new. Always fun discovering new blogs/vlogs!

    1. I like finding links to new blogs/vlogs, too–I’ve learned so many things from different sources. Since we knew these folks mainly from their social media, I only thought it fitting to share them, as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading! All of the people pictured above (and many, many more) share this lifestyle and experiences. Thank you so much for stopping by–wishing you the very best in your preparations for full timing.

  3. Wow, I am exhausted just reading this. That’s A LOT of socializing you all just did! Sounds like a great time. I’ll have to check out some of these blogs. As Ingrid said, it’s always nice to find new ones and expand our community a bit. Glad you guys had so much fun.

    1. It was a busy few weeks. Socializing is not my strength, but it was good to stretch my comfort zone and meet so many people. Now we are traveling with good friends who drove from Florida for a few weeks–having such a good time catching up and visiting. Safe travels!

  4. Thank you for including me in your blog! I loved looking thru the pictures and reading your words. It sure was a fantastic gathering of folks out in the desert! I’m so glad we got to meet!!

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