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Love is more than flowers and candy on a specific given day.  It’s the kiss on the lips in passing.  It’s helping with household chores without being asked.  It’s holding hands when walking into a grocery store.  It’s contributing to the family and relationship in a million little ways which adds up into an amazing whole.  It’s living daily life loving, respecting, and growing with one another.

Our lifestyle brings with it new joys and appreciation in love and romance and how we show it to one another.  It provides nuances which may not have existed before.

For example:

“Oh, wow, look at that sunset.  You’re going to want to get your camera for this.”

“Want to boondock outside the Grand Canyon next month?  I know you want to explore more.”

“I’m going to empty the black tank now so the toilet doesn’t explode on you.”

“Let’s take a back road and get lost for a while.”

“I’m going to throw stuff in the Insta-Pot and see what it creates for supper tonight.”

“I found a beautiful place for you to fly the drone this weekend.”

I love and appreciate my husband each and every day, and I refuse to fall for a marketing ploy to get me to spend money on stupid stuff to prove it to him.  We don’t have room in the RV for nonsense like that–but we do have room in our hearts to fill up with the little things which mean so much and last forever.  Isn’t that more important?

I love you, Mike.  Happy Valentine’s Day–and thanks for emptying the black tank!

Safe travels until next time.


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  1. Well said. If you’re one of the few but fortunate to have found a spouse with an outlook such as the one I just read. Well then, you are exactly one half of a truly happy, whole, and fulfilling partnership. Congrats, and thank you for leading by example!

  2. I just fell in love with me all over again! Oh, I love you too! I’ll empty your black tank any time.

  3. Good to appreciate what you have whenever you can, instead of wasting too much money and feeling performance pressure one day a year! Good for you for seeming to really want to give each other what is needed and wanted, instead of just expensive junk on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

  4. Bob & I are both with you … it truly is the friendship and caring not the stuff. we love our non-cluttered life style.

  5. oh, boy, do I ever get what you’re saying. My husband gave me the gift of listening to a song by Dierks Bentley called Woman Amen. give a listen. It sure tells me what he thinks of me.

  6. Wish there was a “love” button on here like there is on Facebook! I agree, true love is so much more than one commercial day a year. Congrats to us both for having found “those” guys! Mine calls me to bring my camera for the moon shots 🙂

  7. I like to tell Kevin “EVERY day is Valentine’s Day in the Greene household!” And it better be if you’re living in 300 square feet with another person 24/7. Either that or it’s gonna be a crime scene. 🙂

    Anyway, glad to hear you guys value things the same way we do. I’ll take honesty, generosity, and a reliable shoulder to cry on any day over flowers and jewelry.

  8. I adore this post and the authentic examples of love you shared. My husband, when he sees a beautiful sunrise, will tell me because he knows how much I love a stunning sunrise or sunset. Yesterday he surprised me with a heart-shaped box of chocolates. It’s been years and years since I’ve gotten a valentine box of chocolates and it just touched my heart.

    When I get the occasional bouquet of grocery store flowers from Randy, it’s usually not for a special occasion. Often it’s because he knows I’ve been having a rough day or week and I need them to lift my spirits.

    Like you, I appreciate the everyday love that makes me so love and appreciate my husband.

    A happy belated Valentine’s Day to you and your love!

    1. Hope Floats is one of my favorites, too! I can watch it over and over. I’m sorry you had trouble signing up. I hope the issue is fixed now–I was making some changes in the website, and I think you may have been trying to sign in at the same time. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

  9. Perfectly said! It’s almost always the little things that mean the most. Like you, we refuse to succumb to the traditional greeting card holiday crap. (I feel the same about birthdays and such) The love you share comes through loud and clear. After all, not everyone would empty the black tank for you!

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