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We’ve had the privilege of having our good friends-who-are-family, Roy and Judy, traveling with us the last few weeks.  They made the trek from Florida to experience some of the interesting places Arizona has to offer.


We started out together in Mesa, Arizona, where we enjoyed nightly campfires filled with conversation and laughter.  We explored some of the surrounding attractions, one of them being the Superstition Mountain Museum located in the foot of the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, Arizona.  The Apaches believe the hole leading to the lower world (hell) is located in the Superstition Mountains and the air coming from the hole is the cause of the dust storms plaguing Phoenix and the surrounding area.  There is also the legend of Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine–a German miner, Jacob Waltz, who supposedly struck gold.  He would disappear into the mountain range, despite hostile Apaches in the region, and reappear with a healthy stash of gold ore.   He kept the location secret, but gave away its location to a boarding house owner on his deathbed.  The mine was never found, but the boarding house owner made money selling fake maps to make up for not finding the payload.   The legends are outlined with many artifacts in the museum.

Outside of the museum is quite interesting also.  There is an Old West Town setting with many plants that are indigenous to the area.

Some of the trees and plants with the church steeple in the background.
This is no joke–we did not experience a prick from the cholla, but heard about people who have.  Our goal the entire time in Arizona was not to let Lexie (our bullmastiff) step on or come in contact with the cholla.
More of the terrain before going into the mountains.
Prickly Pear cactus (in the center of the photo) used to make jams, jellies, fudge, candy, wine, or anything.  I did get some prickly pear fudge, and it was rather good–it’s hard to explain the taste, so it’s something to try in the future.  
We were treated to a Wild West show, which included an exciting shootout.  The outlaws shot the sheriff and deputy, and a female serenading ‘gee-tarist’ finished the outlaws off.  Never underestimate the strength of a strong Old West woman who can play the guitar and sing.  

They had an interesting maze-like circle called a labyrinth.  Walking the labyrinth in its entirety is supposed to make a person calm, centered, have less anxiety, and increase creativity.  I gave it a shot–what was there to lose?  In all actuality, it was quite relaxing.  It wasn’t a maze, but an easy path to traverse taking me in random directions leading to the center of the circle and working its way back to the beginning.  It was an activity that the feet follow without having to think about it, leaving the mind free to roam.  I’m glad I did it, and I did feel more creative afterwards.


There were interesting Old West exhibits and information.

We had to take the time out to immortalize our visit by taking photos by the extremely large saguaro cactus on the museum grounds.


After the museum, we ventured down the road a piece to Goldfield.  This was an old mining town turned ghost town once the gold ran dry.   Now, it’s a touristy-trap type of place with shops, a bakery and coffee shop, a restaurant, and tours for trains and ATVs.  Not my cup of tea, but it did have some interesting old buildings and charming touches.

The entrance to the old mining town.
This iron work caught my eye.  I love how the sky shines through.  I imagine it’s pretty amazing with the sunset glowing through.   
Words of wisdom we should all try to live by. 
An example of the touristy type atmosphere.

The old buildings were interesting.  I couldn’t get a photo of the church because of all the people, but the others made the town quaint and charming.

It was a great morning spent sightseeing in the tourist areas, but we were headed to an exciting day discovering the Apache Trail.  The best part was sharing it with wonderful friends.

Love you, Roy and Judy

Safe travels to your next destination.


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  1. Sounds like fun! We drove the Apache Trail last Feb, but didn’t stop at the old west town or museum. We did the Dolly steamboat tour and that was beautiful! Glad you’re having a great time with close friends!

  2. Love this place, Dawn! Especially love whatever that building is with the round room and the sign that says Reptile exhibit. Wouldn’t love the reptiles but that house!

  3. What a fun trip and great pics too! Next time I go to Arizona I will be on the look out for cholla!

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