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I was standin’ on the corner in Winslow, Arizona,  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And such a fine sight to see.  It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Slowin’ down to take a look at me. winslow_023

Sometimes, I think we’re a little crazy.  We were snuggled in the RV in Williams, Arizona, keeping warm from the freezing temperatures and snow.  What to do when cabin fever starts to take hold?  Grab our friends, Roy and Judy, jump in the truck and head for a 90-mile road trip to Winslow, Arizona, simply to–well, ready for this?  To stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, of course.

This little town is a stop on the famous Route 66 and was made famous by the 1970s Eagles song, Take It Easy.  Local business and citizens made a town park to commemorate the famous corner with statues of Eagles members, complete with a mural of the girl in the flatbed Ford.   There’s an actual flatbed Ford parked on the street, which adds to the charm.  It’s a place for tourists to stop and snap photos, shop, and appreciate the sleepy little village.  To top it off, there is a huge Route 66 sign painted at the intersection.


A gift shop on the opposite corner filled with Route 66 and Eagles memorabilia.
Mike and Roy standin’ on the corner with the Route 66 marker.


The view of downtown Winslow from the famous corner.
Here’s the actual street names for navigational purposes, but asking Siri to give directions to “Standin’ on the Corner Park” will glean the same results.
Mike is filming Roy, who was signing the lyrics and even giving a quick dance step or two.  Roy was live entertainment for other tourists visiting, too.

Winslow was very welcoming.  The corner is at a four-way stop, and all the vehicles going through the intersection patiently allowed tourists to snap their pictures in the middle of the road and waved as they drove by.  It’s not a big town, and it looks like many of the homes have been boarded up and businesses shut down.  The corner is alive and well and kept neat and tidy for visitors.  It’s worth the visit–just because.

Roy and Judy, or co-conspirators in CRAZY
Another item off the bucket list.

Take it easy, take it easy.  Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.

Safe travels until we meet again.

Here’s a video Mike did, which includes Roy singing:  CLICK HERE.



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  1. How the song has helped keep that town alive, suppose. Thanks for the story, and now I have another entry on my “Places to visit” list.

    1. It’s very nostalgic. They also have a 9/11 memorial park which is quite amazing with two beams from the World Trade Center and has an interesting story. I’ll do a blog on that in a couple of days. It was a place that brought tears to all of our eyes.

  2. Was it really that deserted? Even in the video I saw just a few cars driving by. I would have expected a lot of people mulling about. Very cool, Dawn.

    1. We went on a Sunday afternoon and there were hardly any people at all. Sadly, the town seems to be dying. The fact it’s on old Route 66 is the only thing giving it a glimmer of life. Residents were VERY friendly, though.

  3. Whenever I see photos of that place, I’m always amazed at how few people are there. I would think there would be a steady stream of tourists because it’s such a cool concept. Not that I’m complaining, of course. I just find it odd. In any case, we will most definitely be stopping there when we are in the area. GOTTA mark that one off the bucket list for sure!

    1. A lot of the town is boarded up and seems to be dying, which is sad. We were basically alone at ‘the corner,’ with about 3 other couples milling about. If you do go, they have a small 9/11 memorial park on the edge of town (which is a strange location for two beams from the World Trade Center), but it brought us all to tears. I hope the little town recovers. Definitely a must for nostalgia’s sake.

  4. I love this. I love it so much that we thought about braving the cold, driving way out of our way, to do this very thing. But alas it isn’t to be on this trip. Anyway, I have enough cold waiting for me in a few short weeks….

  5. Oh, my, now that song is singing through my head. Love the Eagles. What a fun little trip. I would so be right there with you. Thanks for sharing this fun story on a wintry Monday morning here in Minnesota.

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