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My daughter, Dani, is a very thoughtful young lady.   She wasn’t sure what to give us for Christmas, but she came up with a wonderful idea–an America the Beautiful National Parks pass.  We live in an RV and have limited space and storage, so it presents a quandary for people who want to give us gifts.  Her choice was perfect.

I love our National Parks system.  I’m enchanted with the natural views, wildlife, and history.  It’s only mid-March, and we’ve used our pass multiple times for the following parks:

The Grand Canyon
Tusayan Museum at Grand Canyon
Desert View at Grand Canyon
Tutzigoot National Memorial
Montezuma’s Castle and Well National Memorials
Oak Creek Coconino National Forest
Walnut Canyon National Monument
Crescent Moon Ranch (Sedona)


With the pass, there’s no admission charge for up to four people at the parks requiring a fee.  It also waives any camping fees on Bureau of Land Management lands.

It has allowed me to fill my passport book with coveted stamps of the beautiful parks we have toured.  It’s exciting to know there are a few more parks to visit in the near future as we travel through Utah and eastward as we head to Ohio.  I have a couple close by to enjoy during our short stay in Nevada, too.

Thank you, Dani.  You know how much I love this gift–it just keeps giving!


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  1. That’s a really practical and perfect gift for you. Our daughter once gave us an annual pass to Minnesota state parks. We appreciated that, too. We don’t necessarily need more “things” at our age. Experiences (like theatre tickets) are more welcome. That said, we don’t exchange gifts anymore.

    1. Not exchanging gifts at all would be ideal for me–it’s all about family and not things. She outdid herself on this one, though I truly wish she wouldn’t spend her money on us. I’m very excited to visit a couple of our favorite national parks with her this year, which I will love.

      1. My 70-year-old mother still can’t resist sending me a check for birthdays and things like Omaha Steals for Christmas. Despite repeated requests not to. Gotta love her.

  2. I thought about getting Senior passes for my husband and I last year when they were really cheap for the lifetime ones. Then I realized that we don’t go to many parks and probably won’t any time soon so I didn’t get them. Such a great present for you though!

    1. She knew we were going to cross paths with a lot of the national parks and monuments this year, so she gave a wonderful gift. We will definitely get the senior pass when we qualify–if we are still traveling (which I don’t see us ending any time soon).

  3. We have a lifetime senior pass for the parks, too. I remember using it at the Grand Canyon and Fort McHenry in Baltimore. We had family members with us in Maryland, so the pass has already paid for itself. It was a very thoughtful gift from Dani.

  4. I agree! I got every America The Beautiful passes for everyone on my list last year: my mom, my stepmom/dad, my inlaws. Now….I just have to get them out of the house and out exploring! Looks like your daughter new that would not be a problem for you all!

  5. I hope you get to use it at Great Basin National Park as well – we loved it there! We’ve saved a ton with the pass. It also works for half off at Army Corps of Engineers parks – at least the SR pass does!

  6. What a sweet thoughtful daughter! Perfect gift. And I have to admit to being a little jealous of your constant travels! I’ll have to dig in and find out where you have been…

  7. That present is going to keep you so busy (and entertained). Your daughter came up trumps (British saying, not related to your president at all 🙂 )

    1. She did come up trumps! It’s already given us so much to do in almost every location we visit. Do the British have national parks? I can’t wait to make it to your side of the pond–I want to explore your country roads, churches, cemeteries, and experience the British countryside. It’s high on my bucket list.

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