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This is a hard blog to write, simply because there are no words or photographs to do The Grand Canyon justice.  It’s not a place to visit, it’s an experience which takes in all five senses and can be emotionally overwhelming for some.

Tourists emerge from the Visitor’s Center and take the short path to the edge of the Canyon.  The first glimpse steals the breath and many stand in awed silence surveying the massive canyon with its many layers of surreal colors, ever changing with the sun and shadows of the clouds floating above.  Some people tear up at the first glance (I did), some have a sharp intake of breath, and some simply survey it all in complete silence.


Each step along the edge reveals a different view and aspect of the jutting rocks, rolling Colorado River, and years of rain and climate creating this beautiful Wonder of the World.

We visited twice while in the area.  Once, when it was in the freezing temperatures and high winds, and the second after a winter storm which dusted the area with a pristine snowfall.  Julie from RVLove, stated it looked as if powdered sugar were dusted along the Canyon, and she was right.  It was gorgeous.


We drove through as much of the National Park as we could.  Some roads were closed due to snow, but we made the most of our time and were able to see different areas of the Canyon with each view prettier than the last.

Here is some of the wildlife we encountered during our journey:


The Grand Canyon emits an emotional response from me.  It’s mainly an overwhelming gratitude for the magnificent Earth–and the majestic places to visit in our country.  I hold a deep respect for how years of ever changing climate, flowing rivers, ecosystems, wildlife ecology, and negative effects of human behavior all work together to form this sovereign piece of land.  I also thank God for this beautiful creation.

Just to give a visual of how long the Canyon has been changing, evolving, and existing–here is a geological marker:


Like the Canyon itself, it’s creation is just as mind boggling.

It’s a bucket list item, in my opinion.  It’s a sight that all Americans should seek to experience, at least once.  Standing on the edge sort of puts us in our place–we’re just tiny dots in comparison.  The world doesn’t revolve around us–just another reminder that life is short and we need to make the most of it.  What that consists of is up to each of us, but the Canyon gives it perspective.

This is the obligatory selfie to prove we were there:


What was your reaction to the first sight of the Canyon?  Did you feel something?  If you haven’t seen it, is it on the bucket list?

Safe travels.  See you on the road.

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  1. What great pictures, Dawn! I totally get what you mean about the intense feelings you can get when looking at God’s majesty in this way. We flew over some of the Canyon and had a picnic on one ledge so we did not get to see a lot of what you show. Even our limited exposure was magnificent though. The snow on it is so pretty! Thanks for sharing again.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. I’ve never been as I am from Europe and have experienced the Alps a couple of times and I felt there a lot of what you have described in this post.

  3. I’m afraid my first emotion was about keeping lunch down as I viewed from a helicopter – little bit of motion sickness. Overall, I preferred the visit to the dam.

  4. Just one of the many captivating places in the USA. We go back most years on our journey west and find new trails and old. Hiking down you can feel like there is no one for hundreds of miles – an awesome experience

    1. I hope to revisit and spend some significant time there, especially doing some hiking or even a helicopter ride. The weather while there sort of precluded any further discovery than the usual stops. It was magnificent, though.

  5. You did a wonderful job of showcasing the Grand Canyon. It brought back fond memories of previous visits. They snow dusting was gorgeous!

  6. I’ve not seen the Grand Canyon. But what remarkable beauty, well captured in your beautiful images. I can understand how the sheer size of this place would make you feel small. I feel that way on the prairie, under the immense sky in the wide open space of the land.

  7. There are two places that just seeing the view makes me cry.. The Grand Canyon and the tunnel view of Yosemite… There are lots of places that I am in awe of yet I never fail to cry every time I see the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.. majestically amazing 💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏💗💗💗

    1. I’m excited to see Yosemite. We are making a slow trek back east for a family graduation, but hope to make it out west again next year. I cried at the Canyon, so imagine I will at Yosemite also. Thank you for reading! Dawn

      1. I get emotional at Los of awe inspiring places lol I’m a bus lifer lol I was a full time RV’er but realized that my RV was way too big to really go to the places I wanted to see… Its 38’… So I parked it and bought a transit bus that I’m converting now so I can go everywhere I want to go… I’m in Florida right now but almost done with the conversion and heading west June 1st… I hope you get out to Yosemite and the Redwoods (they make me cry too lol) and maybe we’ll see each other on this crazy road we call life… Safe travels to you my friends 🤗

        1. I would love to cross paths with you! I admire people who do the conversions–they are so beautiful and made to actually function in the way needed. If we could turn back time, we probably would have gone with something a bit smaller than our motorhome, but we gotta make it work for now. Safe travels on you debut trip. Hopefully, we will both see incredible sights that keep us in tears–that’s what I love about this life! Dawn

          1. I too would love to meet you and believe we will… The universe always connects like minded souls… It already had my friend 😉😉 have a safe trip back East and thank you for the well wishes.. Keep in touch my friends as I will too 💖😉💖😉

  8. I hope we cross paths too Dawn.. and honestly I’m sure we will cause the universe always connects like minded souls like us… It already has 😉😉😉 thank you for the well wishes and you be safe on your way back east too… Do keep in touch as I will too ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖

  9. I like your description of how mere words to describe such an awe inspiring sight seem worthless. I felt the very same when we visited Niagra Falls. How could you possible convey the feeling of the rumble from the millions of gallons of water drilling into the ground before you? I have never felt the awesome power of nature created by God in such a way. It was simply breath-taking.

  10. Yes, so emotional. I was completely overwhelmed when I visited. It’s like something from another world. It feels unreal, but you’re very much exactly right there. Do you know what I mean?

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