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This title is perfect for a special memory I’d like to share.  We are currently in Las Vegas, (the blog posts are out of order—I’m keeping the random in Random Bits of Trial and Error).  While I’m not a full-on ‘The Vegas Strip’ kind of person, I do find it exciting to visit and experience the lights, people, the dinging of the casino games, and party atmosphere. I’ll blog about the Strip and our love of Lake Mead in future posts.

Last night, Mike and I dined at Gordon Ramsay’s Burger in Planet Hollywood in Vegas.  It was special to me because my daughter (Dani) and I stopped for lunch during a whirlwind coast-to-coast trip five years ago.  On our mother/daughter road trip, we were rather aggressive in our daily mileage and wanted to make quick stops at places like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, California, and Redwood Forest on our way, so we drove a heck of a lot of miles through the eastern and central part of the United States so we had time to visit our desired spots.  Our visit to Vegas had a time budget of three hours.

After hoofing a few miles on The Strip and digesting the sensory overload in such a short time, our feet hurt and we were starving.   We discovered Gordon Ramsey’s Burger was in the vicinity, and we got excited.  I love Gordon–I think he’s handsome.  He’s also foul-mouthed, has a bad temper, and is less than tactful on Hell’s Kitchen.  On the other hand, he’s wonderful with the kids on Master Chef Jr., is a perfectionist when it comes to food, and inspires the best performance from those around him.  Dani and I sat in the comfortable cushioned chairs and ordered a tasty humongous burger, which was cooked to perfection.  We took our time enjoying the delectable parmesan truffle fries and savored each morsel.  Dani was delighted with her hand-mixed creamy hazelnut shake, which still makes me laugh remembering her expression of pure pleasure.  It was the best lunch we’d ever had.  It was one of our favorite memories of the entire trip.

When Mike and I visited last evening, the food quality was the same as five years ago–delicious.  I enjoyed watching Mike’s surprise at his first bite.  I’m not sure what they do different with a burger that makes it so scrumptious, but it is an experience.  It was another memory made–savoring the flavors, the company, and remembering the last visit with such fondness.

I don’t normally post pictures of food, but this is an ingrained memory I feel compelled to share.


Every single day I am thankful for my many blessings–to be able to have these experiences and make sweet memories.  Most importantly, I’m grateful for the people in my life that make every single second absolutely priceless.

Do you have a favorite memory attached to your taste buds?  Have you eaten at a restaurant so memorable you can’t wait to visit again?  Please tell me!


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  1. What a great memory! I can’t imagine trying to cram Vegas into 3 hours, no wonder your feet hurt! How long are you there for? We will be there in about a week! Followed by a week in Death Valley.

    1. I was hoping to make it out to Death Valley while we were here, but didn’t get to make it a day trip. We are planning on leaving Vegas tomorrow, but may be delayed a week awaiting tying up some loose business ends. We are headed out on I40 to make our way to Ohio for a family gathering in June. If we are delayed, I will let you know. I would love it if our paths crossed!

  2. That mother-daughter trip sounds fabulous, albeit tiring.

    My favorite places to dine are home-grown restaurants. No chain places for this girl. I found a fabulous little eatery in Amboy, Minnesota, that served the best (raspberry chicken) salad. The Amboy Cottage Cafe is tucked into a former corner gas station and is known for its fresh, home-cooked meals. Here’s a post on the Cottage Cafe: https://mnprairieroots.com/2014/02/01/fantastic-from-scratch-food-at-the-amboy-cottage-cafe/

    I also enjoyed the best chicken wild rice hotdish (casserole for those of you not from Minnesota) at The Good Life Cafe in Park Rapids, Minnesota, last September. Here’s a link to my post from Park Rapids with a mention of that dish: https://mnprairieroots.com/2017/09/25/from-the-minnesota-northwoods-the-charm-quirks-of-park-rapids/

    1. I cannot wait until we visit Minnesota–your blog is going to be my go-to for things to see and do (along with visiting friends who live in Mantorville, Eyota, and Rochester). I’m doing my best to put it on the itinerary for next summer.

  3. We have Gordon Ramsay garlic fries at AT&T Park when we go watch the Giants play. We were supposed to go tonight but it is raining here so we may not make it. 🙁 That burger looks too big to eat!

  4. We were on our honeymoon almost 54 years ago when I first tasted sweet and sour sauce in the Finger Lakes district of NY. Bearnaise sauce hit my taste buds in a small restaurant in Belgium. It was at a company Christmas party that I first had sushi. Those were almost life-changing moments! My mom was a good, plain Southern cook, so there were many exciting things to come when I married and moved to NY. I enjoyed reading about your experience in Las Vegas.

    1. What wonderful tasty memories! My mother in law and father in law are wonderful cooks, so staying close to their place in Austin, TX, is one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by, Anne. I always love your posts and comments!

          1. You’ve got a big country to choose from! I wanted to be in mountains as long as I can remember. I had land-locked time in Tennessee and beach time in New York. Now the lovely mountains are my spiritual and physical home.

  5. I do have a favorite pizza joint….Big Daddy’s Pizzeria I pigeon forge Tennessee. Best pizza I’ve ever had, and I’m not a big pizza eater, but every time in pigeon forge we go there!

    1. I’ll have to put that on my list. I was like that in Branson, MO. There’s a place called Rocco’s–it was out of this world and very affordable (it’s a local place off the tourist path). I’ll definitely try Big Daddy’s when we are in the Smokies.

  6. Gordon Ramsay is a must try! I was lucky enough to try it when out there at a convention for work. My husband and I do love Las Vegas – we’ve been out several times and even were married there. We’ve walked many miles on each trip, so I can only imagine how your feet felt after 3 hours!

    1. There’s so much to do there, it can somewhat overwhelming. This trip, we got to spend about three weeks there. While I like the bustle of the Strip, I loved Lake Mead and The Valley of Fire. Vegas has so much to offer!

  7. I love when certain places (or food) create wonderful memories! What a wonderful trip you had with your daughter – my daughter and I shared great trips but none across country – it would have been a blast! As we venture east to areas from my youth I am having more and more flashback memories. It’s been kinda cool. Glad you’re taking your time in the Southwest. Enjoy!

    1. I love how Tom and you are making it everywhere! I enjoy following. We ARE enjoying the Southwest and are now on a slow path along Route 66 (I40) to Ohio for a family function. We will probably end up back here for winter next year, too. Safe travels! Dawn

  8. Funnily enough, there are no Gordon Ramsay restaurants here in Scotland… Heavens, though, that burger looks stupendous. And those fries. You take much better food pics than I so you’ve done your delicious lunch pictorial justice. Keep enjoying your lovely trips.

  9. That burger does look awfully delicious Dawn!! And loved the part about the road trip with your daughter. I’ve done some travels with our youngest daughter (including a road trip from Chicago to So California) and it’s the best!! xo

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