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The motorhome survived the eight-inch snowfall and single-digit temperatures while in the Grand Canyon area, so we headed to Sedona, Arizona.  We soon discovered driving anywhere in or near Sedona was a beautiful scenic drive.  From desert floor, to rolling hills, to colorful rock formations–it produced tons of “oohs” and “ahhs.”   We enjoyed unhooking the truck and travelling State Route 179 (Red Rock Scenic Byway) and Highway 89A.

We stayed in the Thousand Trails Verde Valley RV Resort during the week we visited.  Mike took a couple days off so we could explore the scenic and peaceful area.  Our initial view as we checked into the campground is below.  Our site was down in the valley with the mountains surrounding.  We had very little to no Wi-Fi connection (even with the booster) so it was a good thing Mike scheduled some vacation time.  It was a wonderful place to totally unplug.

Our initial view of the campground.

After exploring the sprawling campground by golf cart, Roy, Judy, Mike, and I decided to hop in the truck to get the lay of the land.  We generally prefer driving through the scenic areas and stopping to enjoy them by breathing in fresh air and enjoying the sounds of nature instead of the tourist trap-y things.  That’s how we ended up seeing Montezuma Castle and Well National Monuments and Tuzigoot National Monument.  Sedona does have an intense tourist area complete with jeep tours, restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir shops.  We did a quick drive-by to check it out, but weren’t interested enough to join the crowds.

We drove the Red Rock Scenic Byway and took photos along the way.


Our favorite spot was at Crescent Moon Picnic Area, where we were treated to this beautiful view of Cathedral Rock.


We took another day to drive Highway 89A through the Coconino National Forest.


We had a nice stop half-way to enjoy a flea market of sorts run by Native Americans selling jewelry, pottery, and other art items.  We saw the sign below and decided to complete the trip and visit Flagstaff.  By that time we arrived and did some necessary shopping, we were tired.  It was an adventurous and long day of stopping to take photos and exploring, and we found a quicker way to head back home via the highway.


We found so many beautiful places to stop and take in the views.  Here are couple more.  It’s amazing how cloud cover, sunlight, and time of day make the colors deep and vibrant.  I found it inspiring and spiritually satisfying.


We hope to visit Sedona again and check off a couple of other things on our list to see.  The area is unique and gorgeous.

Have you been to Sedona?  What were your favorite things to see and do?  Have you visited the Vortexes?  Did you ‘feel’ anything when you did?


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  1. Beautiful shots! I remember going there in junior high with my family. It’s such an amazing place that really makes you feel small!

  2. Never been further west than one mile into Wyoming… What a beautiful drive. I’m not sure I would get anywhere with all the times I would want to stop for photos. Thanks for sharing this absolutely stunning red rock scenery with us.

    1. I have to admit that when we are in a location like Sedona, I usually drive myself so I can stop at my leisure so I don’t irritate my companions. My husband has gotten the routine down now and simply stops at all the cut-outs, “Want to take photos here?” I’m just glad they are all digital–the old days of film developing would break me.

  3. Your stunning photos remind me how much I miss Sedona. I lived in AZ for 15 years, and took for granted having such incredible beauty so close to home. But you’ve done a lovely job of capturing the beauty. 🙂

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