Boondocking at Lake Mead National Recreational Area – Full-Time RV Life

We left Las Vegas proper and found a peaceful place to boondock in Government Wash at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  As you can see below, we had a sweet spot all to ourselves surrounded by beautiful views.  It was our yard for the week–no hookups and being totally self-contained and self-sufficient.  Our generator kept our batteries up, as we haven’t bit the solar bullet quite yet.  It was 500 percent worth the week of water and power conservation, and one of my all-time favorite spots.

The only rigs there were ours and Roy and Judy’s.  We found out later it wasn’t a true camping spot, but the ranger didn’t tell us that until six days had passed.
The views around our BLM (Bureau of Land Management) area.  These lands are yours, too–free to stay 14 days at a time (no electricity, water, or sewer dump stations provided).
Another view of Lake Mead. The water levels are very low, and what you see here used to be under water.


We spent our evenings around the propane fire pit talking and laughing while enjoying several nights of stunning sunsets.  No two were the same and each had its own personality.


We spent some time exploring the area on the golf carts.  Off-roading was not allowed, so we stayed to the dirt roads around the camping area.

This was taken on a particularly chilly evening.

Then, we had the sad task of saying goodbye to our friends, Roy and Judy.  We had a great eight-week run of adventure–from snow in the Grand Canyon, to hearing Roy sing on the Corner in Winslow, to girl’s day at Mystery Castle,  driving the Apache Trail, exploring ghost towns, and traversing beautiful Sedona, Arizona, Red Rock Canyon, and Valley of Fire.  They were returning home to Florida, and we were staying put to plan our next adventures.  It was a sad day to see their travel trailer exit our scenic spot.  There were tears.


When they were gone, we were the only ones in the area–left with only tracks of memories.


What a wonderful life!  It’s full of mechanical issues, learning to live in a small space, trading material goods for adventures, and the inconvenience of conserving resources.   It’s also having memorable experiences, seeing this breathtaking country, meeting new friends, endless fireside chats, and spending time with family and friends-that-are-family who mean so very much.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s absolutely perfect for us.

We love you, Roy and Judy, and cannot wait to travel with you again.



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  1. I love BLM land! There isn’t much of it back east, but plenty of it out west. You guys had such a beautiful spot and to share it with friends makes it even better. Love the picture of the tire tracks, it truly tells a story. Happy trails and safe travels!

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  2. Great pix and post, Dawn. You guys are brave to stay out there in the middle of nowhere. That spot was a bit too barren for me, though. I’m not a desert person. Give me trees, oceans, snow covered mountains… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was a perfect spot for us–beautiful lake and lovely rock formations and no people. 🙂 Now we are headed for greener pastures (literally) as we are making our way to Ohio for a family gathering. We just have to go to Florida first. I like all variations of landscape–each has its own charm.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This looks absolutely amazing. My husband and I are preparing for our adventure in five years. I look forward to learning from the ones who have already been doing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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