Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

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My Mom and Me the Day Mike and I Got Married.

Dear Mom,

You taught me that life isn’t always black and white and how to navigate the gray areas with an open mind.  You never expected perfection and didn’t hide the fact that life is sometimes messy and muddy and can, on occasion, totally suck.  You let me know I was loved no matter what my behavior, what decisions I made, whatever stubborn, mule-headed mistakes I overcame, and even when I disappointed you.  You wouldn’t dream of not speaking or holding a grudge–your love has ALWAYS been unconditional.

We’ve disagreed on at least a thousand things and agreed on millions more.  We talk without filters and never hold our conversations as a tool to someday throw one another under the bus.  We can vent, bitch, moan, complain–and, at the end of day, still know each others good intentions and keep our secrets close to our hearts.

You taught me how to be strong and confident in the knowledge I can always start from scratch–again.  You brought me up to be independent, think for myself, live my own life making my own decisions.  You never expected me to be a clone–you embraced my individuality and supported me in whatever I wanted to do.

You taught me–not so much in words, but by example–how to survive when shit hits the fan, through devastating grief, and when the whole world seems to be against me.

During the most important times of my life, you were always there.  You were there to see your first newborn granddaughter, to witness my marriage to Mike, and after an accident in which we all lost someone precious.  You.  Were.  Always.  There. 

THAT is how a mother loves.  Pure.  Unselfish.  Unwavering.  It’s how YOU love.

I love you, Mom.  To the moon and back and way, way, way more than that.



  1. How lucky you have been with your mother. I had none of that. I was taught to make a bed, to have manners, to be polite, how to shop for groceries. But as well, my mother taught me that I was never good enough, no matter how well I performed and that has affected my whole life. Blessings on your mother for being such a wonderful one. And thank you for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mom, Dawn. Don’t we all wish our children would rise up and call us blessed when they’re grown… She sounds like a real prize.

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