A Day In The Life of an RV Dog – Full-Time RV Life

Throw Back Thursday – Lexie needs to make another post.

Random Bits of Trial and Error

Lexie_007 Photo of me on one of my olfactory adventures

My name is Lexie.  I’m a rescued bullmastiff and a full-time RVer.  My pack mom writes blogs about the fluffy travel stuff she does and pack leader dad makes videos on all the gadgets.  They always get the spotlight in our RV life, and now I want some attention.  I’m capable of so much more than laying around looking pretty and baptizing my loved ones with drool.

People ask my humans if I like the RV life.  They wonder how I travel and if I’m happy.  They also ask what I do all day.

Lexie_004 Me—stopping to take a breather

To be honest, I have life kind of hard on most days.  Mom is high maintenance.  She greets me every morning by squishing my jowls and talking to me with a high pitched, “Good morning, Lexie Bear.  How’s my sweet puppy dog?” …

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