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There’s an exciting book coming out on November 20, 2018, titled Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road, by Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove.  Mike and I received our advanced copy signed by the authors and we are quite thrilled.  Why did we get an advanced copy?   Because Mike and I are one of the many featured RVer profiles included within its pages!


This book is a fantastic comprehensive resource for those contemplating the full-time travel lifestyle as well as seasoned RVers spending their lives on the road.  It is concise and reliable information presented in a beautiful coffee-table style book.  It covers everything from how to pick the right vehicle, budgeting concerns, working from the road, building community–literally everything to do with RVing.   If only we had this resource before and after we hit the road, because the wisdom shared in this book would have saved us time and money from learning by random bits of trial and error.  Along with valuable resources, there are profiles from people currently on the road sharing their reasons for taking the plunge, the lessons they’ve learned, and how it’s changed their lives.  Here’s one of the quotes from our profile:

“The RV lifestyle not only provides changes in location and beautiful scenery, but it also broadens our minds to new experiences, gives us focus on what’s truly important, and feeds our need to wander.” 

Dawn, quoted in Living the RV Lifestyle – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road

Marc and Julie are well-respected full-time RV experts among the nomadic community.  They have an informative YouTube channel called RVLove and provide a course entitled RV Success School for new RVers.   A major publisher, Adams Media and Simon & Schuster, approached them to gather an overwhelming wealth of information and write a book.  Everything contained within its pages is comprehensive, researched, and reliable.

Are you curious about living a full-time travel lifestyle?  Are you a weekend camper who craves more knowledge?  Are you a full-timer wanting to discover ways to get connected?  This book has it all.  Marc and Julie did an outstanding job organizing all of the information into a valuable resource.

If you decide to purchase the book, which is truly an RVer necessity, take a look at Page 141.  There might be someone you recognize–and the wisdom and experiences of a whole lot of other someones throughout the pages.



Safe travels.  See you on the road!



Do you want your copy?  Purchase it by clicking HERE.







  1. That’s pretty cool, I have been looking at the full time RV life style for a while and have already did a lot of research of my own. I have looked at a few careers for full time RVer’s but right now I am taking care of my elderly father. I may buy the book when I get closer or after my father has past on but for now I can only dream and plan. I was following some bloggers who write about the full time RV life style that write about the ups and downs involved. From reading their blogs I learned it is not really a cheaper way to live and does require very secure funding from a career or savings. Some of the bloggers I was following had to go back to their regular life because they couldn’t afford to live on small amounts of money. Obviously they didn’t plan it out ahead of time.
    Anyway, have a great day.

    1. You’re starting where a lot of us did–wanting to do it and figuring out how to make it work. We found it was more expensive than we anticipated, also. We are fortunate because I could early retire after 30 years from a medical facility and Mike works his corporate job from wherever we are. There are definitely pros and cons to weigh into the decision. With Marc and Julie’s book, it’s a great all-in-one-place resource for everything to consider. We watched hours and hours of YouTube videos, read blogs, and played with our budget–wish we’d had this resource sooner. If you are interested in going full-time, it’s all in the dreaming and planning, which will make it more successful for you when the time is right for you. I hope to meet you on the road someday! Wishing you well! Dawn

    1. You’re welcome, Patti. This book will help balance pros and cons as you contemplate your decision to become a full-timer. Mike and I are always glad to answer questions and you know Mike will be available to help you with setting up your internet connection so you’re able to work. You just have to decide what’s right for you–I’m excited to see what that turns out to be. Love you! Dawn

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