Tupper-Wars – Full-Time RV Life

“Oh, it’s a war, alright.  It’s on…”

Mike, RandomBitsRV

I never would have imagined that RV life would connect us so strongly with people throughout our travels.  I thought we would be going from campsite to campsite living in our own little world doing our own thing.  We do that often, of course, but we’ve made a lot of friends over the almost two years we’ve been nomadic.  We run into friends accidentally in the same campground, couples we meet at intersections for a quick meal while we travel to separate destinations, and people we seek out to spend a few nights around the campfire.  It’s a delicious balance for this introvert–both moments for ourselves and good times spent with friends who enrich our life on the road.

The best part about meeting with all of these fellow nomads is the opportunity to share a meal, spend some bonding time around a fire, and laughter.  Laughter is my favorite part of all, but who would have thought it would turn into an all-out Tupper-War?

In February of last year, we were boondocking near Lake Mead in Nevada with our friends Roy and Judy, surrounded by beautiful views.  Just a ways away were our friends Hebard’s Travels and Audrey Callahan (of RV Nomads – The Movie).  We spent some time sharing a meal and visiting around a fire, but Audrey was working and couldn’t make it.  Judy and I sent some leftovers for Audrey and Shane in our stackable storage containers (a valuable piece of kitchenware for those with limited space).  Audrey reached out to us to return the containers, but we had already left Lake Mead and planned to get them back when we saw them in Wellington, Texas, in October.

In Wellington, we were having so much fun, the food containers were the last thing on our minds.  Audrey again left the scene with our stackables.

Thus began the Tupper-Wars.

Our missing tupper-stuff has become a running joke among our friends.  Audrey and Mike have made a couple of humorous videos on our traveling Tupper-Wars.

Here’s Part One:

Here’s Part Two:


It’s so fun to have friends who enjoy the banter and friendship on the road and off.  I can’t wait to see Part Three of Tupper-Wars!

By the way, Audrey is welcome to every single piece of our stackable food storage she desires.  She’s a sweetheart and a good sport (and an amazing singer–see below)!

Until next time, guard your food storage closely while having safe travels.


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  1. Oh my, that is laugh out loud funny. Thanks, I needed it this morning! I have a rule when sending home containers with people, they have to come back filled with something equally as good. But I always keep a stack of disposable cake pans for friends who can’t cook, that way I don’t get back something inedible! Can’t wait for part 3!

  2. Ha-ha, another wonderful blog post Dawn and the way you captured the humor is terrific. You are right in that this is truly a community of friends – never know where you might see each other again, but that is the fun in it.

    1. It’s not funny! It’s an all out military-style combat scenario being played out in real life at a campground near you! It’s ON!

  3. We agree Dawn, we thought the big benefit of full time RV lifestyle would be the places we go, but it really is the friendships we make (and renew) as we move around the country!

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