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During one of our recent stays in Texas, my goddaughter, Gabby, traveled with her parents to stay with us for three days.  We had a wonderful time watching grazing deer, going muddin’ along golf cart trails through the woods and along the river, playing extensive putt-putt, enjoying Mike’s delicious outdoor cooking, cozy campfires with s’mores, and generally goofing around.

Gabby and Uncle Mike (Uncle Tee-Pee, as she calls him) on the golf cart.
The deer briefly paused to size us up but went back to grazing unafraid of the spectators.
Gabby and her parents hitching a ride.

The purpose of the trip was to let Gabby experience our life in the motorhome and traveling down the road with the huge window view.  This was an all-inclusive adventure involving the necessity of chores when packing up to leave a location.  While we were knuckled down and working, we found it a tad easier to let Gabby sit in my chair–the co-captain’s seat.

It’s a tough gig being the co-captain.
Lexie had to get some love before we started rolling.

We stayed to our routine by packing our outdoor stuff in the ‘basement’–the camp chairs, The Clam, the Blackstone Grill, and our propane fire pit.  We had the inside all buttoned down and ready for travel, so the slides went in.  Gabby was in awe at the reduced space in the motorhome and had extensive questions about the mechanics.  Mike loaded the golf cart on the back of the truck and then hitched the truck to the rig.  The satellite was lowered, the jacks were brought up, and the diesel engine roared to life.  After all the work was done, we were ready to roll.  We headed out of the campground with Gabby enjoying a clear view of the nature around us.

Every second of our packing-up activity and taking off down the road was being carefully observed by the little girl in the co-captain’s seat.  While we were experiencing the whole process from an adult perspective, Gabby later wrote a short story about her “Moder Coach Trip” adventure.


I’m thrilled she had a great time.  It’s particularly exciting it left a significant impression motivating her to write about her experience.  She illustrated her story with a colorful picture of the “Moder Coach.” I love how she had a day and night version in the same photo–it’s very creative.


Ah, such great times and so much fun to view from a child’s point of view.  This is the life!

Mike, Gabby, and Me

Thanks, Gabs!  Thank you so much for letting me share your story and art work for this blog post.  Love you MORE.

Have you ever ridden in a ‘moder coach?’


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  1. Wonderful… Having visitors over to the “house” once in an RV makes every visit not so typical. Here is Kansas City I see folks stay at the Worlds of Fun Village campground which is attached to the amusement/water park. Grandkids fly in and stay with their grandparents. Not a bad campground at all.

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