Walmart Grocery Pick-Up Is A Game Changer

You might be an RVer if you have a discount card for every grocery store chain in the continental United States.   It would be fair if they gave the ‘loyal shopper’ discount to each and every customer without having to register, but–well, I honestly don’t know why they don’t.  I like to beat the system, because I abhor grocery shopping.  Actually, I dislike shopping–period.

We seek out Aldi or Lidl whenever we can because of the reasonable prices on healthy and organic food.  Whole Market is lovely, but pricey.  Depending on our location at any given time, Publix, Harris Teeter, Kroger, H.E.B, and Ingles are some of our favorites for quick grab meals.  We actively seek out local farmers’ markets for produce.  See why I dislike shopping?

Other than meats, vegetables, and other guilty pleasures, there are times we just need the basics at the lowest prices.  I’m a bargain hunter, and Walmart is often the place which packs the most punch and has the biggest bang for the buck.  It’s also consistent in product brands and pricing, which suits our nomadic lifestyle.  Now, with the handy dandy pick-up service (get more information and save $10 on your first order HERE) it changes the game in not only saving money, but also time and energy for more rewarding activities.

How does it provide savings all in one swoop?  Let me tell you.

  1.  I do not wander the aisles trying to find items on my list.
  2. I don’t impulse buy by selecting interesting items which shouldn’t be part of my calorie consumption or contributing to a diabetic coma.  The sugary snacks and carbs aren’t on the final tally blowing my budget, either.
  3. I shop on line, at my convenience, in my own home, with a comprehensive list.
  4. I can easily find exactly what I’m looking for in the quantity I need at the lowest price.
  5. I don’t wait in line at the checkout.
  6. My groceries are bagged and brought to my car.
  7. The energy stores saved by roaming around can be used for a longer walk among nature in the evening or a bicycle ride.
  8. The frustration with lack of manners of some fellow human beings magically disappears, thus giving me peace, a sense of calm, and eliminates stress.

Not everything can be found at Walmart, but the majority of general pantry basics are there.  I’m sure other groceries (Amazon/Fresh Market offers home delivery) will be adding this to the customer’s experience as convenience and technology become second nature.

Some may view shopping like this as lazy, and I understand the point of view.   In return, I say, “Go on with your energetic self and have at it.”  Some people can’t, though.  As a person with rheumatoid disease, any energy I can trade shopping for an enjoyable activity is a blessing in my book.  It could be a game changer for a busy mom or dad, the elderly with mobility issues, people who aren’t feeling well, or working long overtime hours that are exhausting.  Please don’t knock it until you try it.

It’s quite easy.  Click:  Walmart Grocery PickUp.  That link will give you $10 off your first purchase.  Create a sign-in, shop and select your items.  Then choose the store nearest you, select the date and time for pick up, and pay.  When your order is ready, they’ll e-mail you.  Let them know you’re on your way.  Park in a slot at the pickup area.  They’ll tote your groceries out, load them in the car, and they do it with a friendly smile.  Voila!  Grocery shopping is DONE.  You’ll even get a survey afterward to make sure your order was correct and the service was on point.

Now, if I could just find someone to load everything in the motorhome, do the Tetris puzzle in the fridge, and organize the pantry, I’d be in heaven.

Have you tried the grocery pickup?  Did you find it convenient?  Can you suggest other services to help busy or traveling folks?


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  1. I’m with you, I hate shopping – not just for food, but all shopping. I haven’t tried Walmart pick-up yet, but I can see the advantages of it. The only downside, for me, is I wouldn’t want someone else to pick out veggies or meats, so I’d still have to go to the store. Those loyalty cards are just a way to track everything you buy and print out competitors coupons “just for you”. It’s crap, plain and simple. Fridge tetris – lol – perfect. Happy manatees and hugs.

    1. I’m becoming an expert at fridge Tetris! I agree with picking out veggies and meats, but I’ve found that things like sausage (the Jimmy Dean kind) and lean hamburger patties are okay (if they don’t have the exact weight you request, they round the weight up and charge the lower price, too). Same with bagged onions, potatoes, etc. I wouldn’t want to have them choose other fresh meat and veggies for me, though. We’ve used it three times in three different locations and it’s been a dream so far. I love the convenience. Hope you’re off to new adventures! Can’t wait to hear about them. Happy manatees!

  2. I have been a Walmart pick up shopper since December. Love it for all of the reasons you mentioned. I live with an impulse shopper. As long as I can keep him out of any type of store we save. Shopping with pick up makes it easier.

    1. It does! Thanks for your opinion on it–it seems to be a love/hate thing. I just find it so much easier. I can also ‘marinate’ on my list a day or two so I don’t forget items. I’m happy other stores are doing it, too.

  3. Do you have a Kroger card? It is the parent company for many different groceries across the U.S. including Fred Meyer and I think you can use your Kroger card at any of them. Our local Kroger has grocery pickup and they may even offer delivery. For some reason I’ve never found a Kroger in Florida. Full disclosure, Publix is my favorite grocery store but I shop at Kroger for some things and to accumulate fuel points.

    1. I do have a Kroger card–thanks for the tip it works at other grocery stores, too. We also LOVE Publix and definitely go whenever we are in Florida–they have so many items not found in other stores. That’s why I like to save on my dry pantry goods whenever we can so we can splurge on the guilty pleasures in our favorite stores.

  4. Safeway is our store of choice and yes, grocery shopping is not high on my list of fun things to do. They do have a delivery service and also a shop online pick up in store thing that I haven’t tried yet. For most things I guess it would be okay but I wonder about produce and meat. I kind of like to see those things myself. What have you found in that regard?

    1. I agree with the produce and meat, although things like rolled sausage (the Jimmy Dean kind) and pre-made hamburger patties are fine. Bagged veggies (potatoes and onions) are good, too. I usually get my dry pantry items and sundries from Wal-Mart and shop a favorite store for the meats, fruits, and veggies. We visit local meat and farmer’s markets whenever we can (Mike does that part of the shopping because he’s better at it). I’m in favor of whatever makes the job easier and still have the quality we like.

  5. I hate grocery shopping, but hubby loves it. So it’s a family event. My elderly parents have used Publix delivery, and it helps them a great deal. I’ll have to turn them onto Walmart pickup.

  6. Interesting. I can see where it would be wonderful under the right circumstances. I like walking the aisles of a grocery store, though. Using a pick-up service won’t work for me until I am incapacitated in some way.

    1. My mom and sister feel the same way. They could shop for hours in a grocery store. I did not inherit that specific gene, though. I sincerely dislike grocery shopping. The service probably won’t have appeal if you find grocery shopping to be an enjoyable experience, which many people do.

  7. I have been using this service for your sister-in-law for over two years….it is amazing. I am fairly certain that it can save money by elimating impulse buying. I LOVE this service!! Lorri

  8. I absolutely love grocery pickup! I haven’t used Walmart’s though. It’s such a timesaver and yes, also a money saver. I get exactly what is on my list and nothing more.

  9. I can get how this would have some appeal. I’ve not tried it though. Sometimes, For me it’s a time thing. I just dislike having to find parking and wading through sickly, screaming kids. I know some people go in the early a.m. or late night to avoid crowds, especially at WalMarts. I like browsing food areas, though because it gives me ideas for new things to try. I’m afraid, I’d get in a rut if I only did online shopping. I do get produce delivered though by local farmers and I really enjoy that. It does give me the variety to try new things..

    1. The food rut you mention is a good point–that does happen to us often (especially when we are doing Keto). I wish we were in a place where we could get local farmers’ market deliveries. I always try to find one to shop when we arrive at an area. The reasons you stated are why I don’t like to traipse around Walmart and other stores. I’m immune compromised, too, so it’s healthier to just stay away. I think whenever we can find ways to save time and money and enjoy our activities is a win/win situation–even if it’s enjoying grocery shopping.

  10. Hi – your article has so many valid points and reasons to try services like this that are offered by retailers. I also abhor grocery shopping, so much so that I force my hubby to come with me every time. (he hates it too – I figure we can suffer together and between the two of us we can get in and out of the store quicker because we divide and conquer!). Kroger offers this service as well. It is called Click List. And if you are a Kroger rewards member you get the discount prices advertised for Kroger reward card holders. Kroger also has a pretty robust phone app where you can create your grocery list, download all kinds of coupons, place your Click List order, view the latest in store sale flyer for whatever location you are at, etc. Also, if you are a rewards member you earn $ off your gas price at all Kroger locations that have gas stations (note: some Shell gas stations across the country honor the Kroger fuel discount rewards card). It’s nice saving up those discount points and then saving 10 cents or more per gallon at the pump.

    1. I laughed when I saw your divide and conquer comment. We literally say that every time we shop together. I’m so glad other stores have the pickup/delivery option and it’s becoming more popular. I do have a Kroger card and we shop them whenever they are in the area we are visiting. Thanks for your comment–so glad we aren’t the only ones who divide and conquer the grocery store!

  11. My eldest daughter, a busy mom of a three-year-old and a three-month-old, recently subscribed to a home grocery delivery service. It works for her. I’ll continue to be, for now, a hands-on shopper, even though I don’t really like grocery shopping. Or any shopping.

    I shop Aldi for the low prices, but always end up at another grocer because not everything I need is available at Aldi. I’m pretty good at sticking to my list. Unless I’m hungry at the time of shopping. Or I see the dark chocolate bars at Aldi. My weakness.

    As I waited in line at a grocery store on Saturday, I chatted it up with a young man behind me. Think how much time and money we would save if we didn’t have to eat. I thought by now (according to the Jetsons) that we would simply be eating vitamin pills. Never gonna happen. And I wouldn’t want it to. 🙂

    1. We were in an area like that recently in South Carolina. We had to drive 40 minutes in any direction to get choices, which wasn’t so bad (I like remote areas). Publix is my favorite, by far, and we had one a block or two away when we lived in Florida. A close second for me was Ingles in North Carolina. Right now, we are near an Amish community so we are stocking up on fresh and locally sourced.

  12. We could get spoiled by free delivery, Whole Foods, curbside pickup, Wegmans WalMart, drive through farmers market, place your order with multiple vendors and drive around the parking lot stopping at each vendor you placed an order with and they will put it in the car, all no contact shopping with selection done before leaving the house.

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