Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos of the Week – 4/21/19

My phone has thousands of photos (no exaggeration–the current count is 2,884).  I usually save them until combined with my camera photographs to write a blog post or share with family.   A blog titled “It’s Just Life” was recently recommended to me, and it has been an inspiration.  She has recent a “What’s on your Camera Roll?” post.  It gave me a jump start to follow through with a similar idea I had brewing.  Please visit her blog because it’s pretty amazing.

I’m starting a weekly series including photos otherwise buried and forgotten because they don’t fall into a specific category.  I think we all have pictures in our ‘cloud’ we don’t use, but can’t bring ourselves to delete.  Each one tells an important story, otherwise we wouldn’t keep holding on to them.

We recently took a Sunday drive visiting places from my childhood.  We drove past the old family farm and the tiny country church we attended.  It’s weird how somewhere remembered  so vividly as a child is perceived differently as an adult.  Everything was so much larger than life back then.  Mike and I strolled through the church cemetery with my mom and niece, and we fondly remembered neighbors and friends who have passed.   I couldn’t resist capturing the lovely angels, which is a somewhat peculiar habit of mine.

We were going through some old photographs with my niece, Veronica, and came across a picture of my grandmother as a toddler.  We were amazed at the resemblance between Veronica and her great grandma around the same age.  Those round cheeks, little nose, and cowlick in the bangs–I love those faces.  I snapped pictures of them to show my sister.

My niece, Meredith, found this old gem quite amusing.   It’s me on the left with the 80s hair with French braid down the back, mom in the middle, and sister Jeannie (Veronica and Meredith’s mom).  Wow!  We looked so young.  It definitely sparked some humorous family memories about ‘stolen’ jeans, borrowed sweaters, and questionable judgement on hair-dos of the time.

414 sunday_006

Last, but not least, is a snapshot of a favorite place to visit in Ohio–The Creamery, which is well known regionally.  It’s a popular ice cream shop in Delphos, Ohio, which usually has lines around the block in the heat of summer.  We were amazed it was open in early April, but we had to stop and have our ice cream fix.  We texted the photo to several family members not present for the upcoming celebrations, which prompted funny jealous replies.  If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth the drive.

414 sunday

That’s it for the first Snapshot Sunday.  We have a family outing this coming weekend to celebrate a home closing, an upcoming retirement, and a visit with my daughter and her special other, Aaron, when they arrive from St. Louis.

That’s what’s on my camera.  Do you have photos on your phone which spark some sweet memories?  What do you do with photos that don’t quite fit into a specific category?  What do you use for photo storage besides maxing out the memory on your phone?




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  1. My camera roll is in the same neighborhood, 2358. It’s funny, sometimes I will snap a picture of something, then go back months later and ask myself, “What the hell was that for?” I’m glad you are enjoying your time in Ohio. The cemetery angles are lovely and the ice cream sounds yummy. Hope your Easter is extra special! Happy manatees!

    PS I think nearly everything about the ’80’s was questionable, not just hairstyles!

  2. We were practically neighbors, as I lived in Findlay from 1976 into 1978, Dawn. I never made it to the Creamery, though…sounds yummy! I unfortunately have 20,000 photos on my iPad. I guess I need to deal with that one of these days. 🙂

    1. I had a glitch in my comments and I’m catching up. I’m sorry I missed this one! I grew up in the Wapakoneta area (waaaaaay out in the country)–graduated in ’80. We went through Findlay just a couple weeks ago on our way to see Warren G. Harding’s burial site. We stay at Huggy Bear RV Resort outside of Van Wert when we go ‘home.’ The Creamery is way too close and it’s hard to resist making frequent trips. I can’t imagine 20,000 photos to sort through! I put mine on a portable hard drive and keep it in the safe when I’m done doing a blog or sharing with family, but then it’s such a hassle to figure out where I filed it when I want to get a particular photo. At least I save them, though–that’s the important thing. Right? LOL! Good thing it’s all digital, because I could definitely be accused of being a hoarder. Safe travels!

  3. I loved your angel photos. Angels are special to me, and I have quite a Christmas collection. My eye would have been drawn to these in the cemetery, too.

    The photos I don’t use get stored with the others on my computer. They might mean something to me or our children in later years. I suspect you have lots more than I do, so storage might be a problem in your case.

    My camera is set to a fairly low resolution to keep the size of the files smaller. All phone photos are resized to be small, too. I never print pictures and never display them on anything larger than a computer monitor. Mostly they are emailed or used in the blog — cases where smaller is better for me.

    No matter what, keep on shooting!! I enjoy your photos, even when I don’t know the people in them.

    1. I had a glitch in my comments, Anne, and I’m late in responding. I love angels, too–while I don’t have a ‘physical’ collection any longer, I can’t resist taking photos of them. Cemeteries are the worse. We visit them often (ancestry research and just a weird fascination with them) and Mike is used to hearing, “Stop the truck. I have to get a photo of that one!” He’s very patient.

      I have an external hard drive I file my photos on when I’m done with them (blog or sharing with family). The hard drive is kept in our fireproof safe. The frustrating thing is when I want a particular photo, I have to get in the safe and then figure out where I filed that particular photo on the drive (my memory is not the best). I never delete any (especially of family), which I probably should–at least the bad ones. 🙂

      I appreciate you commenting and thank you for reading! I love to follow your daily adventures!

    1. It’s amazing what I find on my phone. Everything from family photos to the serial number on some random part Mike asked me to snap for a trip to the auto parts store. 🙂 I remember paying lots of money to have pictures “developed” and was so excited when they were finished (only to find the photos were awful). Thanks for stopping by (apologize for the delay in response–I did some website changes and had a glitch in the comments).

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