Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos of the Week – 5/19/19

The weeks seem to fly by quickly.  It’s mid-May already!

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is my dog.  I’m one of those dog owners who thinks her sweet Lexie Girl is the prettiest dog in the world. Mike gets up early and takes Lexie on her morning walk and they come back just in time for me to get up and prepare the coffee.  As soon as I open the bedroom door, Lexie paces the motorhome with her powerful tail wag and comes to lean against me to get belly rubs.  She’s happy to see me, and everyone needs a little bit of that kind of lovin’ in their lives.


I had an opportunity awhile back to spend time with my ninety-something-year-old great aunt, who shared precious photos of herself and my Granny.  This one I find particular endearing and can’t delete from my easily accessible files.  My beautiful grandmother is on the right with her little sister, Margie (with a hard ‘g’), on the left.  I’m so thankful to have the time with Aunt Margie and laugh at memories from her childhood.  I highly recommend taking some time to spend with an elderly relative.  It not only brightens up their day, but I, personally, gain so much wisdom from the time well spent.


I’m not quite sure why I saved this, but it’s a personal bio for a short story I did for one of the Chicken Soup books.   I think it’s because it was the first publication I had after starting our nomadic journey.  When they asked me to submit it, I remember it was a statement of strong commitment to the lifestyle.  At the time, we thought we were making a bold move.  Now, it’s just our life.


This was printed on a take-out box for a restaurant we tried.  I took a photo because it’s a valid question we ask ourselves all the time.  Where to now?  It’s a big country out there and the question sometimes puts us in a quandary.  We can go anywhere, and sometimes it’s hard to choose.


There’s this week’s random photos.  So, I gotta ask YOU.  “Where to now?”


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  1. I love looking at old photos. It’s one of my favorite things to do. We ended up at an art museum that had an entire gallery full of old photos. I could have stayed there all day.

    1. It’s funny that you posted this, as we are at a juncture on our trip west. More on that in a future post (it’s all good), but it’s a change of plans that is going to require us to answer the question on your take-out box! 😊

  2. I agree with visiting elderly family members. I love hearing their stories and learning more about family. Old family pictures are also enjoyable….never tire of looking through them.

  3. What were you doing up at 3AM? Love the picture of Mom and Aunt Margret. Keep the blog coming, I love every one.

  4. Nice photos. I have not actually taken too many pictures of our new pup yet but my son is snapping away a mile a minute. I am anticipating spending many hours looking through old photos when I start organizing them in the studio. It’s going to be a big project. Happy Sunday!

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