Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos of the Week – 06/02/19

It’s hard to believe it’s June already.   Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner.  Today’s post is about color and necessity.

I’ve kept this photo because of the pretty greens.  It’s untouched and unfiltered.  The lighting the day it was taken was overcast and a little tornado-y looking, but the hues of the swamp lake (taken in Florida) and vegetation were glorious.  There are so many variations of greens.


The two colorful characters in the photo below make me smile.  My husband, on the left, and our dear friend Patrick, on the right, are always bantering back and forth and making me laugh.  They are the culprits coming up with hair-brained, last-minute-switch-in-plans, travel dreamers who often send us in opposite directions at a moment’s whim.  I’ve learned not to get too set on a travel plan, because it can change as fast as the wind direction.  I guess the stop-and-choose-a-direction mindset is the point of this lifestyle.  We can, so we do.


It’s pretty handy to have a phone with a camera at our beck and call.  It is especially necessary when the serial/identification number on a hard-to-reach broken part is almost impossible to discern because of location.  We were in Arizona when our automatic steps quit working and the replacement part had to be ordered.  The photo was handy to enlarge and read correctly to the manufacturer so we wouldn’t have to guess.   It was a lifesaver.


The following photograph is a beautiful sunrise in Arizona.  I love how it reflects off our home and the myriad of colors bathe the sky and all surfaces it touches.  Every single day is a unique piece of art.


Did you see the sunrise today?  Are the colors inspiring where you are located?

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  1. Your post left me smiling. I don’t know how many serial numbers and VINs I have on my phone. but it’s a lot! Seems I never remember to delete them later. I also have lots and lots of lists and memos to myself. I loose scraps of paper, but (thankfully) never my phone. Ooooh, LOVE the shot of the rig!!!! Happy manatee hugs and can’t wait to see you!

  2. Love the sunset. I have used my phone to capture hard to read things as well. They don’t even need to be in awkward places either, just small. LOL Thanks for sharing your weekly round up.

      1. The BEST idea, EVER! Had my hubby take a picture of a generic allergy medication I use. I wanted him to pick me up the exact same one… took a picture and he came home with the right one! Such a handy little piece of advice! Thank you!

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