Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos of the Week – 06/09/19

Today’s hodgepodge of random photos includes one from Shipshewana, Indiana.  I recently met my friend, Marion, there for a girl’s day of browsing, relaxing lunch, and a buggy ride Amish-style.   Since Shipshewana is a well-known Amish community, there are hand-made items for sale in the neighborhood shops.  We saw everything from rag rugs, to jams and jellies, potholders, planters, and (the best) homemade pies.  One of my favorite scrapbooking/card-marking supply stores is located in Shipshewana.  After a delicious lunch, Marion and I went on a leisurely buggy ride, and our Amish guide gave us insights on the modest and simple Amish style of living.


I’ve written before how we utilize the Wal-Mart pickup service for our general pantry supplies.  We have to be careful to pickup at the correct Wal-Mart in the areas we visit.  I keep track by putting the address as a photo on my phone.  I know there are easier ways, but this works for me.


I am an amateur card maker and can spend hours trying to get inspiration from others on line.  I recently joined a group of ladies who trade monthly artist trading cards (ATCs)–a 3.5 x 2.5 card with any type of art.  The timeline keeps me motivated and the cards I receive in return go in an album used for inspiration when constructing my own greeting cards.  Below are three ATCs I created and traded in the month of May using rubber stamps, watercolor, and alcohol markers.


There are my Sunday Snapshots.  For me, life is all about the journey, including the bumps in the road, the mountains to conquer, and valleys to navigate.  It’s not all perfect and paved, but it is all beautiful.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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  1. Sounds like you and Marion had a great day. We have a large Amish community here as well, I haven’t made it to their market yet, perhaps when you visit we can make it a point! Love your cards, the one about the journey is my favorite. Imagine how boring life would be if there were no bumps or valleys. See you soon, happy manatee hugs to hold you over until I can give you a real hug!

    1. The best part is finding a bakery. There is an Amish community near my Dad’s in Michigan and he told me of a little out-of-the-way bakery (they don’t advertise) and they have the very best peach and blueberry pie I’ve ever tasted. We’ll have to see if they have any farmer’s markets, etc–they are usually all fresh and organic and reasonably priced. Excited manatee hugs!

  2. Neat! I’m still trying to figure out how everyone manages to watermark their photos. How do you do that? I’ve noticed it with several other blogs and do you get paid to blog or do you need a set number of followers for that to happen?

    1. I watermark my photos myself. I have MAC and use an app called Watermark Plus (there are all kinds out there, though). I import my photos into the app, create the watermark, save, and import into WordPress. You don’t need to get paid or have a certain number of followers–the words and photos we share in our blogs are our creation and property. The watermark and copyright statement only ensure they are protected if copied without permission. Hope that helps! Dawn

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