Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos of the Week – 07/21/2019

We recently visited Laura and Steve from The Wandering RVer in the Black River Falls area of Wisconsin.   Laura and I spent a day exploring the countryside on a beautiful, relaxing drive.  We stopped to take a few photos of barns and other buildings of interest on our way.

This barn needed a lot of love, but its sturdy bones were still standing tall.  Nature was definitely claiming her ownership of the abandoned building, but the foundation was solid.  The brick-laid granary was a work of art.  In my opinion, the overgrown grass, trees, and vines didn’t dim the beauty of the countryside or the barn.  It’s hard to say how many harvest seasons it has weathered, but I have a feeling it’s not going to deteriorate any time soon.


This fallen building may have been a chicken coop or home for other animals.  It was definitely caved in and slowly becoming part of the nature surrounding it.


These farm buildings were on a curve and I loved how it was nestled into the trees.  As we passed the barn there was a sign on the opposite side of the road indicating it was a working family farm and the activity in the surrounding fields was a strong indication of the truth in their statement.


As the sun was setting, this barn near the campground was in soft silhouette.  Hopefully, work was done for the day giving a small block of time relaxation from the hard work and responsibility of taking care of a large acreage.


I once asked a young teenager raised in the city where her food came from.  She replied, “Publix.”  In trying to get a deeper answer, I realized she had no clue how much work and effort is put forth in sourcing food for people.  I grew up surrounded by hardworking farmers, and I found it sad not everyone knows how much heart and soul is put into providing the bounty set at the dinner table.

As we rode through the rolling hills of farmland and the fields provided a patchwork quilt with varying shades of green, I silently thanked the American farmer for their hard labor and tireless love and respect for the land.  They are unsung heroes, and I personally admire their work ethic and dedication to keeping family legacies alive and thriving.

Thank you for providing us our daily bread.

What catches your eye while driving through the country?

What random photos do you have on your camera this week?

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  1. When we drive along on the back roads I love seeing the farms and the crops growing in the fields. You expressed exactly how I feel about our had working farm families. I’m grateful to them all!

  2. It always saddens me when I talk to people who have no idea what is behind the meal on their table. Anyone who has ever grown a small garden for fresh veggies has an inkling of the work behind the scenes. Thank you for making the point even clearer. I loved our time together, it was so relaxing for me to spend time in such good company! Happy manatee hugs!

  3. Love your pics!!! I’m a barn fan myself. We have/had an old barn in Alabama very reminiscent of the first one you shot. I have a whole slew of barn pictures I took way back when. I need to learn how to transfer them onto the computer without losing their vibrancy. Even though I didn’t grow up there, I spent summers there and remember the hard work involved in churning butter, picking our food, then shelling peas or husking corn each day. My grandma was the best cook and though I don’t recall having meat, our tummy’s were always full. In fact, I was such a hearty eater, at one point, grandma suggested I drink a tall glass of water before sitting down to eat. lol I did outgrow that.

  4. Beautiful post! So strange about the barns… I actually scouted out several old barns to photograph. And I had a running theme for my barn pics! But I never got around to taking pictures. 🙄 Barns are a wonderful insight to this country’s original farmers!

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination. I’m truly honored. I don’t usually participate in reposting the awards because I’m terrified I’ll leave someone out–I have so many favorites. Thank you so very much for nominating me, though!

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