Sailing on Lake Michigan

We have spent a lot of time in the Michigan, Indiana, Illinois area lately for RV repairs and major upgrades.  One of the highlights was accepting two very gracious invitations from Captain Rob and helmsman Mike for beautiful sailing trips aboard the Feng Shui.  We spent two separate lovely days on Lake Michigan, sailing out of the harbor in Michigan City, Indiana.


It was the first sailing trip for me, so I was extremely excited.  I love being on the water.  Learning to scuba dive opened a whole new fascinating world for me, and my maiden voyage sailing trip did the same.  I’m hooked.  I told Mike we can switch to boat living any time he wants.  I am a Pisces, so maybe that’s the reason.


The mechanics of releasing the sails and feeling the boat soar on the water was mesmerizing.  Captain Rob and helmsman Mike functioned like a well-oiled machine, probably from many seasons of sailing together.



Sounds of pulleys releasing, sails rising and catching the wind, and water moving beneath us was soothing and relaxing.


The slight listing of the boat as the wind powered us along was fun and exciting.



The boat soared smoothly over the water and it was impossible not to feel a keen sense of freedom.  For me, it was a spiritual experience.  I loved every single second.


The boat crew and Mike are old high school buddies, so the time on the water was full of hilarious stories from school, band (they were national champions four years in a row and played at Reagan’s inauguration), memories of people they had in common, and overall great company with really awesome people.

Captain Rob
Mike C–the helmsman

Below are our happy faces on both trips.  It was so. much. fun.

Thank you Rob and Mike for the invitation.  The experience was so enjoyable, and we can’t wait to do it again.

Have you been sailing?


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  1. How fun! In a way very different from living in an RV, and in another way very much the same thing! Interesting. I can see from your photos that everyone had a great time. I’ve never been on a smaller sailboat. I bet that is different, and much more personal than a big one, where you are more of a passenger. I once dated a Doctor who lived on a sailboat. I lived in my RV at the time, he said it was pretty much the same thing..I’m not sure if I could live on a boat. I’m not scared of water, but I have respect for the ocean. I am a very good swimmer, and I’ve never had a bad experience, I’m just more of a land person. I could probably live on a boat on a lake 🙂 Or in a harbor, as long as I didn’t have to sail where I couldn’t see land. Great post!

    1. I would have to have a little bit bigger boat if I were going to live on it. I’d also have to have a lot more sailing experience. This boat was perfect for a day on the lake, catching the wind, and spending wonderful time with friends. For now, I prefer the RV, too.

  2. Totally understand! I love being out on the water, but unfortunately, sailing does not agree with me. I’ve sailed on Lake Michigan as well as the Caribbean and my focus was always more on trying not to 🤮 than it was on the surrounding beauty and experience. Darn that motion sickness. This past summer, we enjoyed a great 3 hour cruise on Lake Superior and loved every minute and suffered no issues… thankfully.

    1. I feel so bad for people with motion sickness. I’ve never experienced it. I wonder if it’s anything like vertigo? I had that for a few days and was miserable–and it was just walking across the RV. Can’t imagine what it’s like feeling that way on water. I’m glad you had a good experience on Lake Superior, though!

  3. Wonderful pictures. I love the water too (a fellow Pisces). We’ve been on a boat but it wasn’t a sail boat it was motor driven. If I was going to live on a boat, I’m not sure I would pick a sailboat unless there was someone to operate it for me. LOL

  4. Have I been sailing? Perhaps a little… You could say that I am “smitten”. So good to read that you enjoyed your experience. I love to take people out for their first time to suddenly “get it” and see why we sailors are so passionate about it.

    1. It’s an amazing feeling, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to experience it. I can’t wait to go out again and learn more about how to actually contribute to the workings. I can see why you’re smitten!

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