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I married into a Polish family.  Among so many other wonderful things, it also means really, really, really delicious food.  I did a post on my father- and mother-in-law a few years back and how they cooked up heavenly meals which filled the soul so much more than the stomach.  We recently traveled to the Chicago area to spend time with Mike’s dad and some of his siblings for a mini family reunion and visit to the old neighborhood in Michigan City, Indiana.  One of the highlights was a family meal shared in a tiny little restaurant called, The Polish Peasant, located in Michigan City, Indiana.


The restaurant only has a few tables and is closed on Sunday and Monday, so reservations are definitely a good idea.  Because we had a larger party and didn’t know about reservations, we had a wait to be seated on a Saturday afternoon.


The quaint restaurant is family owned with authentic Polish fare.  Their menu speaks for itself.


Dad G ordered the czarnina soup to share with our nephew.  It’s a traditional polish soup with duck blood.  It wasn’t included in my choice of foods, but Dad G and Corey enjoyed it.   Everyone ordered different dishes with absolutely no complaints, although Dad G suggested they needed just a little more fat added in the sausage.  Since he’s been making his own Polish sausage and hotdogs for several decades, his advice was pretty solid.

I ordered the galumpki (stuffed cabbage).  Other than my mom-in-law’s stuffed cabbage, it was the best I’ve ever had.  So much so, Mike and I have been back three times while in the area.  The baked deviled eggs are a treat and the pierogis are delicious.


The best thing about our first visit was sharing the experience with family.


As the menu and the front window states, “Jedz Zdrowo!”  Eat well.


We did, indeed.  We can’t recommend this restaurant enough–it’s more than worth it.

Thank you, Polish Peasant for rounding out a wonderful family weekend with delicious food.

Have you tried Polish cuisine?

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  1. One of those places that need a spot in my aging Memory Bank. Write it down in your journal Rooster. My motto throughout the years, ” If it’s not written down, it never happened”. I learned this from a Law professor, 1974. “Laws of arrest & Search & Seizure” was the class. I’ve never forgotten it. Perhaps former FBI Director James Comey took the same class.

    Love Polish food!

  2. I love galumpki! I haven’t tried much other Polish food, but I think I should! Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the mini-reunion! If we ever get to the area, we’ll be sure to have a bite there! HMMH

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