Jacob’s Well Natural Area – Texas

I’m all over the United States in my posts lately.  I’m almost a full year behind on recording our memories.  How did that happen?  I’ve learned the balance of experiencing things when I’m hardy and hale and writing about them when I’m slightly under the weather.  Fellow spoonies know exactly what I’m talking about.

We visited my husband’s parents in the Austin, Texas area during the Thanksgiving holiday last year.  Our dear friend, Patrick from Paddy Wagon Travels, and his mother made a few-day stop in our campground to spend some fireside time.  Mike and I affectionately dubbed Ms. Marion (Patrick’s mom), Mama Wags.  Since she had never been to Austin, she and I planned a couple of day outings to see local attractions.  One of the places we visited was Jacob’s Well Natural Area.


Because I’m incredibly clumsy and Mama Wags is about the age of my mother, I knew our hikes into the natural areas needed to be easily navigable.  When we came upon the initial descent in the well area, Mama Wags took the lead and said, “Let’s go!”


The walk through nature was renewing, as always.  I loved looking up into the trees and seeing unique branches like the ones below.


Mama Wags took the lead and kept a brisk pace.  I tended to lag behind to take photos.  I figured if she survived a particularly treacherous area, then I could, too.


The trail had beautiful views and was quite serene.  The ‘Well” was clear and it was easy to see why it’s a popular destination for scuba divers and swimmers in the summer months.  We simply enjoyed the cooler weather, vibrant tinges of Fall, fresh air, beautiful views, and good company.


Mama Wags was a wonderful hiking companion.  She was motivational and inspiring.  We had a great time talking and laughing on the trail.  She also shared a special secret with me that day, and I’ll always treasure her trust in me.


Thanks, Mama Wags!  I had a WONDERFUL day!


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  1. Beautiful photos. I like an easy hike in any nature preserve or park. This one looks particularly pretty– and walkable. Love Mama Wags, also. Great sweatshirt.

      1. You DON’T suck! I suck because I still haven’t sent you the pics with my copyright. Not only that but you can’t be out having adventures if you are stuck inside writing about them! HMMH!

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