Sunday Snapshots – Random Photos – Joys of Autumn

We’ve seen a gradual progression of fall in our recent travels.  It’s evolved from a color pallet of fading green to a burst of beautiful colors over the last several weeks.  My favorite season was budding in September when we drove through Buchanan, a tiny town near our campground in Michigan.  The trees weren’t revealing their Autumn glory quite yet, but the burg was prepared with their annual scarecrow extravaganza.


Every year, Buchanan businesses make scarecrows to welcome visitors along the main thoroughfares.  Each light post and street sign are donned with a life-sized straw figure depicting a theme and title for the business it represents.  It’s quite a sight.  The United States Post Office displayed scarecrows made by students of area schools.


As the weeks passed and we moved our way into Goshen, Indiana, the colors started to slowly change.  Some leaves were falling, but fall wasn’t quite at its peak.  When we made our way to Kentucky, the colors became more evident.  During a drive through Mammoth Cave National Park, near our campground, the leaves were crisp beneath our feet.  Here’s the autumn I love:


Other fall favorites impossible to capture in photos are the taste of fresh apples, delicious vegetables harvested from the last remnants of the garden, sweet corn covered in salt and butter, and the seasonal pumpkin spice flavored everything.  There are campfires, warmed cinnamon apple cider, and children in costumes gathering candy.   I love seeing the pumpkins on porch steps, darkness falling early in the evening, and more vibrant sunrise and sunsets.

What is your favorite season?  What tickles your fancy about fall?

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  1. Love the Fractured Fairy Tales. I remember watching that on TV. I think summer has to be my favorite season. I love the warm days and long nights.

  2. I do love fall! Unfortunately, we seem to be running just a tiny bit ahead of the best colors as we travel south. It would have been nice to stay in Michigan just a bit longer, but I imagine y’all are getting pretty cold up there by now.

  3. Fall is my favorite season, and I like the same things you do. We were up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, taking a long detour coming home from church today. The colors are not vivid, but they are beautiful. I liked your photos, too.

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