Happy Anniversary – Ten Years


Mike and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary a couple of days ago. I’m so thankful for my husband and the life we’ve built together.   He’s kind, generous, hardworking, and loving.  He’s a wonderful partner and friend.  I’m extremely blessed, and I strive to be the same for him.

Anyone who has ever been married know it’s not easy.  There are give and takes, sometimes huge sacrifices, and complicated issues which have no clear resolution.  There are also times when it’s sweet and wonderful and precious memories are made.

Marriage is like a river and takes all kinds of twists and turns. Sometimes it’s tumultuous and others it’s smooth as glass. With Mike, I’ve learned to row with the flow, stay calm in the rapids, and when to rest on the shore.  I’ve also learned to take an unexpected turn into an unfamiliar tributary, how to row backwards, and the importance of communication to keep the boat afloat.

Thank you for the most adventurous ten years of my life, Mike.  Let’s do a few more.  I love you.


P.S.  He did good.  The man went to Jared’s.

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  1. Hello! I’m wondering if you’re still blogging? I archived my blog but I didn’t want to lose touch with you! It’s been crazy trying to basically move campgrounds during this COVID stuff… and the increase in RVers, which I’m glad more are doing this lifestyle as I love it but just wondering how you two are faring finding parks or are you stuck too? We’ve been in the same park since November! Very odd for us! Since Jeff picked up some additional work, we have to stay in the Mt. Hood/Salmon Creek/Columbia gorge area… which is beautiful but the park we are at is not that great. Anyway, hope you get this! Be well!!!

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